New Gadget – “Unpaid Product Endorsement”

I have loads of negatives and slides that have been lying fallow in boxes.  Many of the prints for the negatives are long gone – given away.  Some are in this or that scrap book.  The prints don’t scan well, at least not with my scanner, which I thought was pretty good, but not so much for photos.  My slides are fewer, but the majority of them are from the summer I spent with Teen Missions in the Philippines.  The summer I met my best friend Connie.  They are pictures and slides that I wish I had access to.  Pictures I’d like to share with family and friends…

And now I can.

Many years ago I looked into buying a system which would transfer these negatives and slides to a digital format.  At the time, the technology was uber expensive and I shelved the idea.  On a plane a few years or so ago in the “Sky Mall” magazine, I saw a device that was much more compact and much less expensive, but still a bit spendy.

On “Cyber Monday” I found a 5 megapixel number for $79 bucks that had excellent reviews and was even smaller than the ones I had looked at before.  I typed, clicked, and bought.  And yesterday, it arrived.  So cool.  Pop the negatives or slides into special trays, run them into the machine, and presto, JPGs!!!!

It’s called the Ion Slides 2 PC.  It’s so easy to use it’s almost a crime.  The quality of the end result isn’t spectacular, but I’m thrilled with it, nonetheless.  My slides are grubby and have particles adhered to them.  I need to look into how to safely clean them.  This is one of the scanned negatives:

Mitchell's Filas by you.

This is my nephew, Mitchell, when he was just learning to walk, wearing a pair of Filas I bought for him when he was still a wee baby.  Watching him walking in these (I believe this might be the first time he was in shoes at all) was soooo funny!

And this is one of the scanned slides, complete with specks of dust or whatever:

Connie and Panda by you.

This one is of Connie.  We were on a bus somewhere in China, and she fell asleep with this panda on her lap.  I love this picture.  I’m excited to have it not in a box somewhere.

Because of the cheap price, ease of use, and pretty darn good JPGs it creates from old negatives and slides, the Ion Slides 2 PC gets “Unpaid Product Endorsement” status.


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