Did You Get To See It?

As I drove away from my home on my way to a meeting, I was surprised to see a spectacle in the sky that I had no idea was going to be there…

A crescent moon flanked by a huge and super bright Venus and a smaller and yet still very bright Jupiter suspended over the mountains in a completely clear night sky 

I hear that we won’t see that again until 2050.  Which means I probably won’t live to see it again.  I wish I’d had a telescope.  I also wish I’d had a camera. 

Nonetheless, what a wonderful and gorgeous surprise!

I dragged the people at my meeting out to see it.  Within half an hour the view was obscured by clouds.

Did you get to see it where you are?

I hope so.


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Just a girl from Colorado trying to live life to God's glory with a certain amount of gusto! View all posts by Lou (Linda)

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