India Under Seige

By now most of you have seen the news of the attacks in Mumbai (formerly Bombay) by Islamic terrorists.  A tragedy whose proportions we may not truly know for days.  At this time there are 82 confirmed dead, and between 200-900 injured.  The target has been westerners (looking specifically for Americans and Britons), but this group has apparently killed whoever has come in their path, like the Anti-terror Chief, and the chef of the Taj Mahal hotel.

But do you know anything about the terror that has been going on in Orissa?  Most don’t.  I had only recently learned of the situation in an e-mail that had been sent to me.  I was searching for confirmation of the information in the e-mail, but there were no reports in the media to be found.  A few days after receiving the e-mail, a man came into my office for a vaccination.  He had recently returned from Orissa, India.  I asked him about what I had heard.  And he confirmed that the information that had been passed along to me was in fact true, and that the horror there is ongoing, and there are threats for further and more wide sweeping attacks planned.  In fact, what is happening in Orissa can only be described as a pogrom by Hindus against Christians and Catholics.

The pogrom apparently started in August of this year and is being perpetrated by two radical Hindu groups.  From what I can gather from the reports of various organizations (none of them “media”), it started as payback for the death of a leader.  A leader who was killed by Maoists (the communist party of India).  The Christians in Orissa have been beaten, burned alive, or hacked into pieces.  Nuns gang raped.  Churches and homes burned by the thousands.  Here’s a link to a blog which has chronicled some of the stories that came out of Orissa.  There has been a systematic attempt to wipe out all Jesus followers there either through death or unimaginable coercement to convert to Hinduism.

More than 500 people have been killed.  Ten thousand remain in refugee camps.  The violence has cooled in the past month, but these terror groups have promised that the calm won’t remain.  The Christmas season is the chosen time for these groups to attack.

This latest horror is not the first for the state of Orissa.  There were attacks a year ago, and a decade ago.  There have been attacks on both Muslims and Christians in the past 15 years.  But I had never heard of Orissa.

Why is it that the media hasn’t been interested in reporting this?  Perhaps with this new terror in Mumbai the media will begin to take a look at the other terror horrors being quietly played out in India.

Pray for the people of India.  Pray for those caught up in the violence in Mumbai, especially for those still being held hostage and the families and friends of them who sit and wait for news.  Pray for the Orissan Chrisitans and Catholics.  These are sad and dangerous times in India.


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