84% of people polled think “I” am honest and ethical! ;-)

I am proud to be a part of the profession that for the 7th year in a row has been ranked “most honest and ethical”.  Nurses ranked #1 out of 21 professions about which Gallup annually polls.  We scored a very respectable 84% “high or very high”.  Nurses have actually topped the list (since it was added to the poll in 1999) in all but the 2001 survey, which ranked firefighters tops in the aftermath of 9/11. 

The next highest ranked profession was pharmacists who came in at 70% high/very high. 

After pharmacists came high school teachers, doctors, and policeman to round out the top five.

Not surprisingly, the bottom ranked profession polled was lobbyists.  They got a dismal 5%, which I’m not sure is dismal enough, but perhaps Gallup polled a bunch of lobbyists and their friends and families.

What did surprise me is that clergy came in 5th with only 56% ranking them high/very high in honesty and ethics.

The nine lowest ranked professions were:

  • Labor Union Leaders – 16% high/very high
  • Lawyers – 18% high/very high
  • Business Executives – 12% high/very high
  • Advertising Practitioners – 10% high/very high
  • Stockbrokers – 12% high/very high
  • Congressman – 12% high/very high
  • Car Salesman – 7% high/very high
  • Telemarketers – 6% high/very high
  • Lobbyists – 5% high/very high

The numbers for those professions at the bottom of the list are largely unchanged from the 2007 poll results.  It fascinates me that these are the people who pretty much run the country and are in the news ad nauseum lately in regards to our economic woes.  Doesn’t it beg the question why we aren’t sending in nurses, pharmacists, high school teachers, doctors, and policemen to run the economy and the country???  We/they may not do better, but we/they certainly couldn’t do worse, and at least you might have some level of trust for us/them to at least be honest and ethical in the process!!!!!!

Just a thought…


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