Photo Friday – “Facial Expressions”

Got my Flickr mess worked out, sort of.  I am still logging on using the e-mail address I was trying to get rid of, but at least I can access my account once again!  Flickr never got back to me to help with the problem, so I decided in needed to be brave and try to fix it myself.  I was nervous the entire time trying to fix the problem because I was fearful that I would do something that could never be undone, BUT, I didn’t, and for that I am soooo relieved!  So, in that it is FRIDAY, it’s time to get back to Photo Friday!!

Today’s topic is “Facial Expressions”.  I thought I’d try to get a picture of my new kitten, Lu Na Cee.  In that she has the chemical properties of quicksilver, this is a more difficult proposition than you’d imagine.  She’s slippery and fast and allllll over the place!  My other cat, Mew Ling, is used to me putting the camera in her face.  Lu Na?  Not so much!  Every time I’d get close to her, she thought I was wanting to play.  And the camera cord was a delightful dangly for her to leap for.  Even after I hid it in my hand, she still KNEW it was there.  And then there’s the whole “why don’t cat expressions get picked up in pictures?” issue.  I call this one “Huh?”.

Huh? by you.

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