I got gas yesterday.  Since the last time I filled my tank, the price of gas has dropped 29 cents a gallon.


I wonder just how low it might go.


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2 responses to “$1.64

  • Bruce Small

    It’s getting to be an exciting game, waiting until the last second to buy gas because we know it will be lower tomorrow. Prices certainly are in free fall. What astonishes me is how the stations with high prices can attract any buyers. Why would anyone pay $2.21 when it is $1.95 across the street?

  • Lou (Linda)

    🙂 It IS an exciting game! And I know what you mean about the high priced gas stations. There was one station in my ‘hood that was selling gas for $2.90 when the one across the street was selling it for slightly under a DOLLAR cheaper! Yikes! Finally the price there dropped to $1.94, but right down the street was the station where I bought mine for $1.64. There’s a story there. I should drop by and find out what it is….

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