Happy Birthday, Connie

This is a day where we as Americans remember and honor those who have fought for us and our freedoms, and fought so that others could enjoy the same freedoms we do.  It is a day where I remember and honor them.  It also happens to be the birthday of my best friend and sister-in-law, Connie.  Today I remember and honor her as well.

Connie was as brave as any soldier and truer than all.

This is Connie’s fourth birthday away from us.  She would have been 43.  I liked it when she had her birthday because it meant that for a few short weeks, we were the same age and she couldn’t needle me about being older than her, which I was, by a little over 10 and a half months.

It’s really more like the fourth anniversary of her 39th birthday.  I’m way older than her now.  That probably delights her…


I miss her as much today as I think I ever have.


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One response to “Happy Birthday, Connie

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    How sad and tragic that Connie died. I so understand your comment about you being much older than her now.

    When my dearest and best friend Gill died of Cancer I felt the same strange feeling – she was 8 years older than me. She had always been the wise one – the one who experienced things first and then told me the pitfalls. Then 9 years after she died I was suddenly older than her; it seemed to strange. And now I am simply years older than her. And I often wish she could see the person I’ve become now – she’d be proud that I’ve taken on board her wisdom and advice – I’m a better person for having known her. I still miss her so much too. And I will keep on ageing – but she will remain young and beautiful – and I wonder if she’ll even recognise me when we meet again.

    She was my touchstone, the link to so many shared memories – as no doubt Connie was to you. So in losing my dear friend I become the sole keeper of our shared memories. It’s painful. I expect it is the same for you.


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