The last time I filled my car’s gas tank, I was sooo excited because I got 10 cents off per gallon because I had made it to the magic $100 number in purchases at the affiliated grocery store.  I filled up for “only” $2.29 a gallon! 

I still have 1/3 of a tank of gas left and on the way in to work today I passed multiple gas stations selling gas for well under the two dollar mark!

Just how low do you think the prices will go?

My take on this?  I think that maybe the middle eastern oil cartel is nervous.  I think they’re nervous because Americans truly did cut their consumption dramatically this past summer and I think that for the first time we (Americans) are all on the same page of needing to change how much we rely on others for our energy.  Our approaches to how this can be done are vastly varied, but we all agree that the time is now to start seriously affecting change.  They see that this time we’re serious and I think they want to lull us into a place where we stop caring again by slashing the prices.  If not in large part for America and its money for oil, the middle east is just a poor region that sits on top of a big gooey brown reservoir.  They “need” us more than we “need” them, and I think they got a glimpse of that…


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3 responses to “$1.93

  • Eiain

    Wow, its £4.77 here for a gallon ($7.43)

  • Lou (Linda)

    About a year ago I posted a blog on the price of gasoline in America vs. the price in Sicily and in London. https://blahblahblog.wordpress.com/2007/08/09/cheap-gas/ I wish that we in America could have a little more perspective! Thanks for the update on what gas is costing in your neck of the woods! I am, and remain, thankful that our gas, even when it was nearly four bucks a gallon, still remains well below the cost many others are paying!

  • Lou (Linda)

    P.S. It’s only three days since I posted this, and on the way in to work today, I passed a station where gas was now $1.87 a gallon. The gas station nearest to my house is changing it’s prices on average of two times per day. Every time I drive past it seems the price has dropped again!

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