And I Am Wireless!

Don’t bother reading this post unless you want to be bored.  The title tells the story, but if you want to read mundane minutae of my technological struggles, then read on!

I was so frustrated Friday night trying to get my wireless up and running that I was actually on the verge of tears.  Stupid, I know, but true.

The router came with a Startup Wizard CD that I managed to misplace, but in the absence of that I was still getting a signal from it and could connect to it.  HOWEVER, I couldn’t get it to acquire an IP address or connect to the internet.  I talked to Dan in IT at work who gave me some tips on what to do, but that’s like sending someone who is taking Spanish 101 as a freshman in high school to the UN to translate for the general council meeting…

I attempted to find a downloadable version of the CD online and was met with failure.  In desperation, I decided to call tech support at Netgear and plead stupidity and beg for help, but then while I was on hold waiting for a tekkie to help me, I remembered that I had put the CD into my OLD computer without ever running it.  Gleefully I ejected it from there and popped it into ruby red beauty and I was on my way…

Unplug this, turn off that, plug this cord into that connection and that one into this one and do it all in EXACTLY the right order or…or what?  what would happen?  what would happen if I removed the sticker from the router that says “do not remove this sticker or turn on router until you have followed the instructions on the StartupWizard CD?”  I had already done both of those things attempting to follow Dan’s instructions, had I ruined the router?  Had I affected a change I could never undo?


The Wizard did its thing and I had an IP address, and I thought I was ready to uplug the ethernet cable from the back of my laptop forever and once again be able to watch Instant Netflix from the warm cocoon of my bed.  Alas, it was not quite that easy.  The computer kept connecting to some random signal (without connecting to the internet, mind you) and not to MY fresh new Netgear signal.  All the toolbar buttons are different than they were on my old computer, so I had to figure out how to get to a list of the signals within range and how to set up order preference for connection.  I kept getting a prompt that Windows wasn’t managing that device and I was having a heck of a time finding what software WAS managaing the device.  I’m sure there’s an easier way, but I finally found an icon in my tool tray that had a tab in it that led me there.  And I deleted that other device from the list and put my device as number one, and I was connected, and I think I heard angels sing…

I also got my printer up and running with the new computer, however, I can’t get IT to work wirelessly, which it’s supposed to do.  But I can live with plugging it in for now until I have the mental fortitude to face down another techno-challenge.

I got another canned e-mail from Flickr telling me they had forwarded my e-mail along to someone higher up to deal with.  In searching through Flickr’s Help Forum, I see that dating back nearly two years people have had this problem.  I hope they get back to me soon.  Seems that if this has been a problem before for so long they should have figured out the solution, right??

Technology.  The love of my life and the bane of my existence!


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