How To Make Your Cat Insane in One Easy Lesson…

1)  Get a new kitten.

Don’t know if Mew Ling will decide if she can stay, or not. 

And as if trying to safely integrate a new kitten into a well-established one cat home isn’t nutso enough…

1)  I can’t get my wireless router to work so I am tethered to my internet provider by an ethernet cable


2)  I tried to change the e-mail address for my Flickr account, and now I can’t get into my Flickr account (hence no Photo Friday today) and I have NO idea how to fix that and so far tech support has only sent me canned responses which have helped naught


3)  Although I recently backed up my old computer onto an external hard drive before the old computer became unusable, when I transferred the files onto my new computer, a vast number of the files were not there!  So, I need to now get the old computer fixed (including buying a new battery charger) in order to retrieve my files.  Technology is sooooo not my friend right now!

Now, if Mew Ling decides the kitten can stay (and this kitten is lobbying hard for that to happen!) and if I can fix my Flickr issues, one of these days I’ll share a picture of Abby with you.  (No, I didn’t name her that.  She had the name already and she’s knows her name, and even though I don’t like the name I’m not sure renaming her at three months is a good idea…but then, I’m not sure bringing her home was a good idea either!)

Case in point, Abby just decided she had to pounce on Mew Ling and she got a big swat of huge Mew paw in response along with a hiss, spit, howl and growl of punishment.


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4 responses to “How To Make Your Cat Insane in One Easy Lesson…

  • wonderlandhwy

    I don’t know if I have already mentioned how I enjoy your blogsite, but I really do! ;”]
    In regards to your laptop not getting connected wirelessly to your internet connection… some laptops have a little wireless button that needs to be switched on!!! It is usually located around the keyboard!
    Also, do you know how to get to your router settings? If you do, you can manually add your mac address of your laptop as a reserved IP address!
    Also, under your network connections, do you have the wireless connection set up??
    In regards to your external harddrive…. can you find the file on the hard drive?
    Let me know if you would like my help… I know how frustrating it can be!

  • helenl

    Our kitten’s name was Timba when we got her at about five months. Luckily, she didn’t know her name. But I kept it as her middle name.

    Thus, Rosemary Timba. Sweet Rosie O’Kitten, who’s now Sweet Rosie O’Cat. Or just plain Rosie.

    Moral: Change Abby’s name if you want to. She’ll forgive you, if you buy cat treats.

    Actually, I like the name Abby. 🙂

  • Lou (Linda)

    Jan, thanks for the words of help. I actually got it up and running, but I for sure needed the Smart Wizard CD that came with it to make it happen! Still waiting to hear from Flickr on my account. And I’m going to need to get my old computer fixed to get my files off of it. Barf. But at least I’m wireless! Thanks for the offer to help! I will keep that offer tucked away for when I get totally stuck again!

    Helen, Ha! Cat treats. You’re right! Mew Ling can be gotten to do just about anything with cat treats! The thing is, after a little more than a week, no new name has come to me, so maybe Abby IS her name afterall.

  • Author

    A new kitty! How exciting. I can’t wait to see pics of them both! Milo is about to have a rescue kitten bruvfurr – and like you – I’m wondering if it’s madness on my part “trying to safely integrate a new kitten into a well-established one cat home”.

    Let me know how it goes – I may need tips. I collect Alfie on the 22nd November after he’s had his jabs. I’m expecting a hissy fit from Milo – since he is a spoilt only (fur) child!

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