Shouldn’ta done it!

I am not, and have never really been, a worrier about money.  Throughout my life the Lord has always made sure that I had what I needed when I needed it.  I have a smallish sort of retirement account that I like to watch grow and gain.  It has been part of my daily routine for years to check on it.  When it goes up, that’s fun.  When it goes down I’m not upset or anything, but no one likes to see that happen.  The account had already once lost a significant amount of worth once the last time the market went sort of crazy a number of years ago.  My account had since recovered from that and had started to grow nicely.

But, since things had already started to become a little dicey in the stock market again, I hadn’t checked the status of my retirement account since before I left for Teen Missions (back in May).  Watching the number slowly drift downward did nothing positive for me.  So I decided not to bother checking it for awhile.  Things had not improved when I returned home in September.  I avoided checking.

After things really got crazy I decided I should no way look at it. 

However, today, my morbid curiosity got the better of me.  I figured if it was at least “such and such a number”, I wouldn’t be too sick to my stomach.  It took a long time for the page to load.  When the number came up, I sort of went slack-jawed.  It was so much worse than I imagined.

I shouldn’ta done it!  I shouldn’ta looked! 

When will I learn to listen to that really smart still small voice inside of me?

To all of you who also are experiencing financial losses and maybe are afraid of what those losses might mean to you now and in the future, hang in there.  Look to the source of all things and trust that He will take care of things.  Don’t let this financial beating we are taking rob you of the joy that is to be found in EVERY DAY.  Take extra time to give back to others with your energy, your time, your emotions, and yes, even some of the money you still have.

I, for one, feel so blessed to live in a country where most people live in excess compared to those in many countries who always live in state of having nothing more to lose.


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6 responses to “Shouldn’ta done it!

  • Author


    It’s a really worry World wide at the moment. One of my friends has lost her life savings with Icelandic. P and I have lost two endowment policies which are now worthless (they were meant to pay our mortgage off) and P has lost his private pension that he was due to get in 3 years time. It’s miserable.

  • julie

    I agree……things will be ok!!!! Thanks for the reminder…..

  • Lou (Linda)

    Author, do those policies remain worthless?? No chance of recovering value? Miserable, indeed.

  • CuriousC

    I, too, must think in the “NOW” and realize I do have abundance. Focusing on blessings is much more healthy puts one in a better state of mind to handle what may come next.

  • Author


    I managed to get a pathetic amount for each one by selling them – so have now had to take out a repayment mortgage to cover what they should have paid out. We feel glum about it. But some folk are in a much worse state than us. The loss of the pension has hit us hardest.

    Missing you on Photo Fridays – and your regular posts. But it is good when life gets in the way of blogging. I sometimes spend way too much time online.

  • Lou (Linda)

    Glum indeed. Sometimes hard to keep a world perspective when we are hit hard personally. You have a history of fighting hard when the chips are down though! I think we’ll bounce back, though. Keepin’ the faith on that!

    I’ll be back to PF SOOON! My computer should be arriving this week and I can’t wait! I, too, spend way too much time online at times, but I keep in touch with many of my friends and family that way, and I am feeling the lack of that after all these months of computer struggles and absence. Really looking forward to getting back in there! 🙂 Maybe I’ll even see you this friday!

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