Trying Not To Go Crazy…

…but living without a computer pretty much stinks!  I ordered a new one from Dell a couple of weeks ago, but it’s a special order and is going to still be a few more weeks before I get it!  Do you know how hard it is to find a matte screened laptop that runs on Windows XP these days?  I’m sure you do, so I’ll tell you, you can get them from Dell.  The device is called a Latitude, and it’s a business laptop, but they’ll sell a personal user one as well.  Not only are the matte screen and the XP OS special orders, I wanted it in the brand new red color…also a special order.  (The device also comes with a licensed copy of Vista, should I ever decide I want to take that step!)

So, I occasionally can get to a computer for brief moments (like now), but until the new one arrives, I won’t be here much, AGAIN!  I am missing out on some awesome Photo Fridays, which makes me sad.  I hope to get around to the faithful and check out what they’ve done in my absence ASAP.  But I’m at the mercy of Dell and of my special orders…

On the bright side, you all don’t have to “listen” to my wonderfully crafted political rants, and to my discussions on the global economy, or to my random midnight musings!  Lucky you!!



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3 responses to “Trying Not To Go Crazy…

  • Author

    Oh but I so miss your “wonderfully crafted political rants, and discussions on the global economy, or random midnight musings!” Please hurry up and get a new computer.

    And Photo Friday just isn’t the same without you – and you’ve probably got lots of stunning photos to show us from your trip …..

    So hurry …. hurry …..

  • CuriousC

    and I just HAVE to say that I really love the pic of you and that gorgeous smile. Pls, perhaps, may I be brave enough to suggest that you enjoy the time away and look for the lesson? yea, right – crap! or maybe?

    I’m enjoying a small glass of wine and have decided to run thru my blogroll in order – it’s your turn for an inspirational msg. Don’t worry – be happy?

    You do have a lovely smile…

  • Lou (Linda)

    How sweet are YOU???!!!! 🙂

    It’s one thing to get used to not having a computer when you are in the bush in Africa (or somewhere else where it wouldn’t matter if you DID have one), and quite another to have a broken computer sitting there staring at you! Hahahaha!!!

    I’d like to say I am spending my time reading and studying, but alas…

    My daddy is visiting from CA and although he is now staying with my sisters for a few days, he kindly left his laptop at my house for me to use! So I’m getting my fix in this week! 🙂

    Thanks for your WONDERFUL comment!

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