Photo Friday – “Colours (of Autumn)”

Firstly and most importantly, today is my little sister Liz’ birthday.  Happiest of birthdays to you, Lizzie!  🙂  I love you bunches!!!!!  (Crossing my fingers you get the ER job!!!  You will love being an ER nurse…)



I sort of wish this was NEXT week’s challenge as my OTHER little sister, Whitney, and I are taking her son Mitchell on a road trip to look at the golden autumnal Aspens up in the mountains tomorrow!  One day late!!  🙂  I made the same drive three years ago during my first fall in Colorado.  The pictures I took on that drive were with an old camera and didn’t turn out well.  So I am going to share a picture I took in the Rocky Mountain National Park two falls ago here in “Color”ado, or should I say “colour”ado!  :-).

 On Fire by you.

Coming up, on Photo Friday…

3rd October: Eiain’s choice – Music (musicians, concerts, still life of musical instruments or musical  scores, musical boxes etc – I could go on and on …..) You may also like to add a YouTube clip of your favourite music!

10th October: Mrs Nascar’s choice – Night ( moon, stars or any interpretation of night)

17th October:CuriousCs choice Bridges / Arches

24th October: Eiain’s choice – Paws for thought

31st October: Author’s choice – Halloween!

7th November: Tina’s choice – Action Shots

14th November: Author’s choice – Windows (unusual or favourite windows, in your own home, or other homes, or churches, buildings etc – you may even include the view through a window. This can be a selection of photos or just one favourite pic).

Please take the time to visit the work of the other players and tell them what you think!

Click on Mr. Linky so that you can access the links to the other participants’ blogs!


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