Photo Friday – ARGH

For the second week in a row I am missing Photo Friday.  I am traveling.  I did take an awesome picture of the dinner I shared with my brother on Wednesday night (using my cell phone) and when I went to e-mail it to the computer I am borrowing it wasn’t on my phone anymore!  I guess I didn’t save it.  so I am missing the food challenge as well.  Sigh…

I’m a dope.

Catchya next week, I guess!

Hope to borrow a computer to get some comments out to those who partcipated!  🙂

You go, too, and leave a comment for them!

Tall Chick

Eiain (apparently suffering from my disease, got confused on the dates and has shared some fab bridge shots!)



Mrs Nascar

Slim Shaney


26th September: CuriousC’s choice –  Colours (of Autumn)

3rd October: Eiain’s choice – Music (musicians, concerts, still life of musical instruments or musical  scores, musical boxes etc – I could go on and on …..) You may also like to add a YouTube clip of your favourite music!

10th October: Mrs Nascar’s choice – Night ( moon, stars or any interpretation of night)

17th October:CuriousCs choice Bridges / Arches

24th October: Eiain’s choice – Paws for thought

31st October: Author’s choice – Halloween!

7th November: Tina’s choice – Action Shots

14th November: Author’s choice – Windows (unusual or favourite windows, in your own home, or other homes, or churches, buildings etc – you may even include the view through a window. This can be a selection of photos or just one favourite pic).


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