Happy Birthday, Julie!

Today is my cousin Julie’s birthday.  A few days ago we decided, should the weather permit, that we’d drive up to the summit of Pikes Peak.  Until recently I didn’t even know that there was a road up to the summit, but there is!  It’s called the Pikes Peak Highway.  Parts of it are a little hairy, but we made it to the top without incident.  This was my second time up to the summit.  Last time it was winter and we took the cog railroad up.  Very cool!  Next time up, I hike!

Click HERE to read about my last trip up to the summit and see a wicked cute picture of my nephew!  And HERE to see another picture of my niece, Alaska, from the same trip.

Here Julie and I are.  Taking the requisite touristy picture in front of the summit sign.

At the Summit by you.

From “down there”, those little red rocks in the middle of the right side of this photo are massive monoliths at the Garden of the Gods!  On a clear day, you CAN see forever!

Garden of the Gods, From 14,110 Feet! by you.

Weird looking railroad tracks, huh?  These are for the cog railway that goes from Manitou Springs to the summit.

Cog Railroad Tracks by you.

And of course, a foot picture.  We are facing west.  More of the Rockies off in the distance, and two lakes!

Two Feet at 14,110 Feet! by you.

We had planned on stopping at one of the rest areas/picnic areas/scenic overlooks to have a picnic lunch, but time was not our friend and so we ate in the car while driving back down the mountain in the lowest gear my car had to offer.  It’s such a steep drive that there’s even a mandatory brake check on the way down, and if your brakes are hot, you are off the road until they cool off!  Never seen that before!  AND on the way back down we actually got snowed on!  It was a perfectly clear, bright, and beautiful day, and out of nowhere, snow!  That’s why they warn you that the weather is unpredictable up there.  Unpredictable, indeed!

Happy Birthday, Julie!  For sure we’ll do this one again!  On foot next time!

And under the category of “ask, they can only say no” goes this one!  I told the ranger at the tollroad that Julie was only 12 and that it was her birthday, and could we get her in for the child’s fare…

And he did it!  Ask.  They can only say no!  🙂


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10 responses to “Happy Birthday, Julie!

  • Eiain

    That railroad track photo is fab.

  • Lou (Linda)

    Thanks! I thought it was a pretty cool shot, too!

  • Author

    Fabulous views. What a geat trip. I’ll pop over to Julie’s to wish her a belated happy birthday!

  • Julie

    The funny thing about the discount was we didn’t really know he gave us the discount until after we left the toll booth, so Ifelt bad that we didn’t tell him thanks! It was a great day, even the tuna sandwiches on the drive home! Thanks Linda for thinking of me on my birthday! Definitely we will make the trek by foot next year….it’s a date!

  • Stephanie Murrow

    Baha! I love that they let her up for cheeper! So funny.

    GOOD LUCK! when you try to hike it… it almost killed me. 😛 And you are so lucky, the day when Delaney and I went up was NOT clear and we had no view from the top. 😦

    My Jessup blog (I’m sure I told you about it, did I?) is going to be up by Monday! the website is http://www.stephanie.wjwho.com

    🙂 i miss you

  • Lou (Linda)

    Julie, ohhhhh yeahhhhh! 🙂

    Stephanie, I’m excited to read all about your Jessup adventures! Put you on my blogroll, too! 🙂

  • Whitney

    What fun!!! Happy birthday to you Jules!!!!

  • spatulahandle

    I have heard of Pikes Peak…don’t know if I’ve been there though, I think I may have been when I was small. Isn’t there a place there called Seven Falls, it has stairs that go all the way up to the top of the waterfall. I remember going there with my mom, dad and brothers when I was about 14. My dad made me climb those steps all the way to the top, which wasn’t something I did not enjoy since I am not much of a hights person. The waterfalls were pretty though. Also up there somewhere is the North Pole, amusement park, they have the highest Ferris Wheel, didn’t like that either and mom took pictures of it. We could see for miles at the top of the Ferris wheel. I haven’t been to Colorado in years, my mom used to have a cousin that lived in Manitou Springs. Somehow they lost contact. I enjoyed the pictures, Colorado is a beautiful place.

  • Lou (Linda)

    Yes, there is a place called Seven Falls. Very beautiful. Lots of stairs. Not a good place for the heights challenged! And the North Pole is on the highway up past Manitou. I didn’t know they have the world’s highest Ferris wheel. Like you, I am not a big fan of heights, so that might be something I will miss! 🙂

    Colorado is indeed a very beautiful place! Perhaps it is time for another visit!!!

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