Photo Friday – “Old Cars”


Catching up on my assignments!  This was last week’s topic, but last week I did THIS week’s.  Cuz I’m a dope, basically!  🙂


From the time I was a little kid, like most Southern California beach kids, I wanted a Volkswagon Bug.  An OLD one, the kind with the small tail lights, not the big round ones.

I was 23 when I walked into the garage of the guy who was selling the 1971 Beetle and I almost heard angels sing.  Fire engine red, factory sunroof, Hurst shifting, dual carbs, baja-style…shiny and beautiful.  It was a race car!  It cost more money than I ever imagined I would spend on a car…2500 dollars!  But I wanted that car.  I actually needed a car.  I’d never owned one and I was in college driving my dad’s old VW van with a shot tranny which threatened to die at any given moment.

I decided to get the car.  Before I even left the house that evening I was thinking “what should I name a fabulous car like this??”.  On a hunch, I asked the owner if the car had a name.  He looked at me quizzically and slowly answered…”yeeeeesss, his name is Dudley”.  Dudley he was and Dudley he remained.  The previous owner liked that I kept the name.  But if you knew Dudley, you knew he was a Dudley.  I think Dudley was alive, just like Herbie in Disney’s “The Love Bug”.  Ask anyone else who knew him, they’ll tell you the same.

In the dead of night one night I decided I needed to see if Dudley really needed that speedometer that went up to 250 mph.  I snuck onto a brand new freeway that was slated to be opened in the next couple of days and I opened him up.  I got him up to 117 mph before I freaked out thinking I’d end up with a felony on my record if I got caught.  But even at 117 mph Dudley was running smooth!!!  That was a GREAT moment. 

But old bugs can be fussy.  I took a basic mechanics class in college, so I was able to deal with small problems that would arise.  It wasn’t rare that I’d have to pull off the road and remove the fuel filter to bang out the rust from the fuel tank.  But years later I took a job that required very dependable transportation, transportation that wouldn’t leave me smelling like gasoline.  I kept two cars for awhile as I didn’t want to give Dudley up, but eventually it became clear to me that I needed to downsize to a single car, and I said good-bye to my old friend.

Now, do you think I could find a single picture of him to share here?  Nope.  I have some, but they are in a box somewhere.  I did know where the ignition key I kept was though, so I thought that might do for this challenge.  Here’s Dudley’s key:

Dudley's Key by you.

Please check out the other participants’ work!  They are all doing “Stained Glass Windows”.  I’ll activate the links as I get them.





Mrs Nascar


Just For Fun



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