Do you EVER stop moving???

I spent part of the Labor Day holiday weekend with my six-year-old nephew.  We had a great time.  He spent the night at my house, just him, and we did some fun things!

Yesterday while at the zoo, I just had to ask him about his state of perpetual motion.  That kid is all over the place all the time, a seemingly bottomless pit of energy and interest in his world.  It’s hard to keep up with him on any level.  He’s a blur most of the time, and even when he’s “sitting still”, he’s always moving around.  It cracks me up!  Even on the couch while watching TV he repositions himself about every, well, every 2-3 seconds!  I counted!!!  No wonder he’s hungry all the time, he’s constantly burning up energy.

So I asked him, “Do you EVER stop moving???”

He immediately began to tell me about how he used to live with Auntie Diane in California, and then he moved in with Uncle Phil, and then he moved HERE!

So, yes, he has moved A LOT! 

My sisters and I broke out in laughter!

NOT the answer any of us were expecting!



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