Photo Friday – “Hats”

My writer’s block coupled with computer AND internet connectivity problems has done nothing to help me get onto blogging.  I am hoping to be able to finish this one simple post without my computer taking its last breath, again!  Yikes…  Today I must order my new computer.  I can’t stand this much longer!  🙂

This week’s topic is actually one that I should have been able to put something fantastic together for.  See, I love hats.  I have some very interesting and fascinating ones.  Ihave a Mao hat I bought in China, a newsboy hat I bought in Ireland, a crazy orange and purple felt hat I bought in Finland, to name a few of my faves.  I tried to take pictures of them with the intention of putting together a collage, but I only ended up liking one of the pictures. 

I also love cowboys, and horses, and jeans, and cowboy hats.  I actually own a beautiful camel colored Stetson that I have never actually worn.  It seems like a crime to wear it, so it stays in its original box, all nice and clean and pretty…

Stetson Fits by you.

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Photo Friday Advance Diary:

5th September: Author’s choice – Stained Glass Windows (or doors or panels – from cathedrals, churches or any other type of building)

29th August: Mrs Nascar’s choice – Old cars (any interesting old cars from rusty scrapheap cars with a bird’s nest under the bonnet, to fabulous vintage or racing cars) 

12th September: Author’s choice – Step Inside (Pics of inside your own home: they can be of favourite corners, or things, or windows, or unusual features or just unusual angles of somehing in your own home)


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