Photo Friday – “Wildlife”

I really DO love Photo Friday.  It’s the only thing I seem to be able to post on these days.  I’ve got dozens of drafts started about my summer experiences, but still am unable to get them the way I want them.  Some of them are simply Titles at this point. 

So, having just recently returned from Africa, I thought it fitting to share pics of some wildlife I saw while I was there.  These were taken “on safari” in the Liwonde National Park in Malawi.  Oddly, I don’t love very many pictures that I took this summer.  I do, however, love this one.  Not because it’s a great picture or anything – far from it.  No, I love it because there are four species captured in the one frame.  The hippo, heron, and impala are easily visible, but do you see the warthogs as well?

Four Species by you.

Did you know that members of different hippo pods have different “highways” that they each use?  I didn’t.  And hippos of one pod do not use the highways of hippos of different pods!  The things you learn when you are on safari! 

And here’s one of a warthog upclose.  Seems there was a warthog “highway” right in front of our chalet at the safari camp! 

The Warthog Trail by you.

The yellow at the bottom of the photo?  Normally I would have cropped that out.  It was my front porch.  I left in in as a reference to the proximity of the trail to our accommodations.  This highway was actually a hippo highway as well.  This was one reason we were all strongly warned to never leave our chalets alone, and to stay on the people pathways.  Those hippos were loud at night, too!  You couldn’t have PAID me to leave my chalet after dark, even if I wasn’t alone!  Even if I had one of the armed guard with me.  Hippos are some scary creatures!

More on our safari weekend in a later post…IF I can ever get the post to feel right!  🙂

Click on the links to visit the entries of the other participants!  Drop them a comment and let them know what you think.  There are new participants since I left for Africa.  A big hearty and belated welcome to them! 

Tall Chick’s





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9 responses to “Photo Friday – “Wildlife”

  • Tall T

    I love the top photo. I wouldn’t want to go outside with that warthog nearby either!!!

    I learned a lot about hippos from this post!

  • CuriousC

    Crap! I didn’t even notice the HIPPO until I read the word!!! shows how casual glancing is a BAD idea, huh? Those warthogs are prehistoric looking… and thanks for showing how close they stroll by the chalets.

    (ps did you receive the card I sent you? just curious…)

  • Author

    How fabulous to get a glimpse of really wild wildlife! I love the warthog – he looks really Prehistoric doesn’t he? And the hippo in the water is adorable. A lovely entry.

  • spatulahandle

    Really cool pictures! How exciting to get to see these animals, that you only get to see in the zoo and National Geographic, in person. My family went to a safari park in Missouri, nothing compared to Africa, when I was about 14 years old. We had llamas sticking their heads in the car for food. Then there was my younger brother, while we were walking through a zoo like exhibit, that put his face up to a window to see what was inside and got quite a surprise…the monkey that was on the other side of the glass hit the window and scared the poo out of my macho younger brother. It was so funny!

  • Julie

    Very cool! Yes I see the warthog….kinda like Finding Waldo…..hey that would be a fun photo entry…..I finally got my entry in this afternoon.

  • shadywilbury

    My goodness me- those photos are amazing. (I got here from Jan’s blog, and I’m so very pleased I did.) I was originally going to hang around to read the List of Fifty, and stayed longer. 🙂

  • Lou (Linda)

    Delighted to have you here! Glad you found something that captured your attention! Come again sometime!

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