Photo Friday – “Reflections”

My first Photo Friday in some time!  Today’s Photo Friday is Author’s choice:

Reflections (in lakes, rivers, puddles, ponds or even windows etc.)

For this entry, I decided to go with a slightly different interpretation than perhaps is expected:  the reflection of light off of a surface.  As luck would have it, I came across this amazing little arachnoid after leaving CostCo the other day.  My nephew espied the half-inch leg-spanned creature busily weaving on the rear of his mother’s (my sister’s) truck.  At first glance the wee beastie looked white.  On closer inspection we saw that it was actually silver!  It caught the sun much more brightly than I could capture on film.

Silver Spider 3 by you.

Lookie!  You can see two strands of silk extending from the spinnerets!

Silver Spider 4 by you.

Silver Spider 1 by you.

Get a look at the creepy skull-like head!  Scarrrryyyyy!!!

Silver Spider 2 by you.

Now the skull is screeeeaaaammmming and has fangs!

Any body out there have any idea of what sort of spider this is?

Please visit the other participants’ entries and see what they are reflecting upon this day!  I’ll add links as the entries are posted.  However, I am back to work today after a three month’s absence (blech!) and won’t be able to add the links until later in the day…my apologies!

Here they are!  Breaking the rules and going on line at work, but at least it’s lunchtime!  🙂

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and a late entry:  Just For Fun

Here’s what’s coming up on Photo Friday in the weeks ahead…

Photo Friday Advance Diary:

15th August: Tina’s choice – Wildlife

22nd August: Julie’s choice – “Hat Day” (a picture of someone’s hat, that’s funny, pretty, or a self-portrait of us wearing our favorite or funny hat)

29th August: Mrs Nascar’s choice – Old cars (any interesting old cars from rusty scrapheap cars with a bird’s nest under the bonnet, to fabulous vintage or racing cars)


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13 responses to “Photo Friday – “Reflections”

  • Author

    EEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK! I am scared of spiders! If this were in a room with me I’d make a swift exit. I never smoosh them though – I’ much to humane. So P has to scoop them up and release them outside while I SCREAM my head off!

    Fabulous pics tho – WELCOME BACK! Pic 3 is amazing – is it for real? You haven’t digitally enhanced that skull? No? I thought not! It’s a fantastic pic, it really is. Uggghhhhh!


  • spatulahandle

    That Is one very mean looking spider. I bet my brothers would know what that is and if they don’t they could figure it out. Great pictures!

  • CuriousC

    I really DID get the shivers! eek, I hate spiders more than anything, yuck! (but brilliant photos!!! I still can’t get focus on my camera for stuff that small. Cannot figure it out.)

    welcome back!

  • Tall T

    I am so excited to see you back in states!

    I loved the foot picture yesterday and today that spider scared the snot out of me!

    I don’t know HOW you got that close to that thing!!!!

    It is very beautiful and silver??? how did it get silver??? What an amazing God we serve!

  • Julie

    Hey, Cousin! Welcome back…these are creepy and cool at the same time! I set my photo to publish way ahead, but it didn’t go…no wonder I don’t have any comments!

  • Whitney Norris

    That is soooo cooool! Thank you for not letting me pick him up change the color pallet. The pics turned out great!

  • Michael Kuntz

    I just found this same spider in my house! (Sacramento, CA) It’s web is THICK and sticky. I searched for silver spider and found your page. It is EXACTLY the same… did you ever find out what it is and if it’s poisonous?

  • Lou (Linda)

    Hi Michael. No, I never have found out what it is! I keep hoping that someone will find my post and let me (now US!) know just what it is. It’s a creepy thing, isn’t it????

  • Ryan

    I have these spiders all over my house.. I would really like to know if they are poisonous or not :\

  • Lou (Linda)

    You do? Kinda creepy, huh? I would like to know if they are poisonous, too. For your sake, I certainly hope they are not! I stopped trying to find out what they are and keep hoping someone will come here and tell me, but so far no luck!

  • Amagire

    I believe it’s a subadult banded argiope (banded garden spider), Argiope trifasciata. They’re generally pretty docile, though they’ll bite if roughly handled. I saw your (lovely!) pictures while I was trying to identify a similar spider I found on my mailbox this afternoon, and thought I’d share my findings. :>

  • Lou (Linda)

    Hey!!!! Yayyyy!!! I do believe you are correct!

    It looks like our little mystery is solved! Thanks so much!

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