Am I Back?

If all has gone according to the original plan, I’m supposed to have arrived back in the states earlier today.  I’ll have flown in to Washington, DC on Ethiopian Airlines.  Once I get to say my good-byes and get all my kids off on their various planes home I’ll be able to take a deep breath and relax.  I’ll start making phone calls, if I can find a pay phone and if I still have minutes on my calling card, that is.

I guess I’ll need to get a flight home.

Soon, maybe even by now, I’ll be feeling that weird emptiness that happens when one goes from being constantly busy and constantly needed and never alone, to being in the place where the silence is uncomfortably deafening.  It’s like empty nest syndrome, only on steroids…

I’m probably starting to feel lonely.  I’ll shove my hands in my pockets and feel dirt in the seams – African dirt.  Even though I just got home, I think I’m probably longing to return already.

I might be home by tomorrow.  Unless Phil and his kids have met me here and then I’ll be hanging out with them for a few days.  I guess whenever I can get to a computer, I’ll let you know which scenario came to fruition.

(Posted in absentia, for the last time, at least for the last time this summer)


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