I Want a Communist Artifact!

Today my father, my sister Liz, and her daughter Jesse (yes, that’s the correct spelling), are off to China!!  How blisteringly exciting!  They are taking a 10-day guided tour which sounds absolutely fabulous.

The China they will see is undoubtedly much different than the one that I experienced back in 1982.  It will be a place in the middle of a new kind of revolution!  The big cities are neon bright with tall hotels and tour buses and modern vehicles.  It will be a place of women and men dressed in the latest fashions chatting on the newest cell phones.  There will be restaurants, clubs, and stores.  Tourists will abound, especially since Beijing will be the host for the latest summer Olympics, and I doubt that these tourists will have their hotel phones bugged and be followed around by their own squad of soldiers!

I have put in my request that I be brought a truly Chinese article or some sort of interesting communist artifact…perhaps an old poster of Mao himself?? 

Oh, or maybe an old set of accupuncture needles!  That’d be cool!  Ohohoh, or maybe some silk, or jade?  Wait!  I forgot that this trip isn’t about me!  🙂

Have the best of fun!  Travel safely!  Take LOTS of pictures… 

Hike as far down the Great Wall as far as they’ll let you and as far away fromother people as possible and listen for mongol warriers galloping through the mountains.  You can hear them!  I swear I did…

I can’t wait to hear aaaaalllll about it!

(Posted in absentia)


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