John On Jeopardy!!

A forever family friend of ours, John Goodreau, (since he is making himself public in what he’s doing, I am feeling free to use his last name), is going to be on Jeopardy tonight!

I sure hope that someone tapes (or Tivos or DVRs) the episode (and hopefully many subsequent episodes) for me so that I can see it!

GOOD LUCK, JOHN!  I know you’ll do well!  Represent!!  🙂

And I have another Happy Birthday send-out, too.  This time I’m wishing a happy one to my niece, Natalie!  Happy Birthday, Nan.  I love you and miss you and hope to see you soon…

(Posted in absentia)


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2 responses to “John On Jeopardy!!

  • Author

    Would love to have watched this, unfortuately it’s not on in the UK!

    Happy Birthday, to your Nan & Natalie!

  • Stefan

    Hey, just commenting that my dad’s Jeopardy is not June 20, but June 30! That’s this Monday! Today (for some time zones)!

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