More London graffiti.  “OTH” was the tag used by one particular graffiti artist.  Loved this!

Do you think “OTH” are the taggers initials, or does it mean something else?

My kids start arriving at Boot Camp today.  My season of non-stoppedness has offcially begun.  Boot Camp officially begins on Monday!  I’m sure I’m excited.  But I’m also sure I’m pretty stinky and bug bitten by now!  🙂  Don’t know why I love this so much, but I do!

(Posted in absentia)


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One response to “OTH

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    Love the graffiti – when I was in Madrid recently I was amazed by how stunning graffiti was there – it’s like an art form in its own right.

    I’ve sent you a post card to your first address – I hope you receive it in time, before moving on!

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