Free Chinese Food!

But there’s a catch…

My  dad’s cousin, Laurel, after reading my previous post on my acrophobia, e-mailed me a set of pictures that sent a shiver up and down my spine and shudder throughout my body.  After a quick search I was able to locate a link to the same pictures online.

Now, I love Chinese food, but I don’t love ANYTHING enough to do this!  Where’s the helicopter pad, cuz that’s the only way I’d be eating at this restaurant!

Click HERE to see what lengths (or heights) some people will go to for a bargain!  🙂

Check it out…let me know if you would do this!



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3 responses to “Free Chinese Food!

  • Author

    OMG! Bright Cove, only different.

    I love chinese food but would rather go on a strict diet than travel to this restaurant! Amazing.

    How the heck does the owner get supplies there? How does he get staff? I bet most fail to actually get to the interview (they see an advert in the newspaper for an assistant at a local chinese restaurant and are offered an interview suspiciously quickly!)

    And how does he make a living????

    And imagine the treck to work each day???? In bad weather???? OMG!

  • Lou (Linda)

    I KNOW!!! These are all very important questions that really must be answered!

  • chinese food

    Hahaha the place looks so amazing! I’ll definately go there if I have a chance!! No matter how the food taste like, the experience must be unforgetable. Btw, I love Chinese food very much!

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