Whatever Happened to My Great Uncle Kenny’s Recipes??

My great Uncle Kenny was a baker.  His bakery was called “Oliver’s Bakery” and was in Kenosha, Wisconsin.  It still IS in Kenosha, actually.  When I asked him, my dad didn’t know what happened to his uncle’s recipes.

I can’t seem to find out just how he ever got into the bakery business.  Just like I don’t know how another great aunt and uncle got into the beekeeping/honey business.  Those are pretty unusual career choices.  (But then I also have a screen writer, a sweater maker, bed and breakfast owners, a pastor, publishers, a wood-worker, and a freight-forwarding/lawyer in the ranks as well, to name a few!!)

My dad and I took a side visit to the famous bakery when we were in town last week. 

Even though Racine (ten miles up the road) is the kringle capital of America, Oliver’s is sort of famous for ITS “kringles”, and I wanted to pick one up to take down to the friends I’d be staying with the next night down in Illinois.  I had a brief glimpse into my future as a baker recreating all the fabulous yummies that my uncle had created if only I could locate those long lost recipes!  I asked the ladies who were working there “whatever happened to my Great Uncle Kenny’s recipes?”.  And whattayaknow!  They knew!  Most of those recipes were in the back of the bakery, still in his original handwriting, and they are in use to this day!  When he sold the bakery the recipes went with it.  And when that buyer sold it, the recipes changed hands again.  So much for my new career as a famous master-baker!  Those recipes are lost to my family forever!  🙂  Well, unless we are the next owners, that is!

I’d sure like the recipe for those kringles, because they are the BEST I’ve ever had.  For their kringles, and for all their yummies in general, I am bestowing “Unpaid Product Endorsement” status on Oliver’s Bakery!

And guess what?  You, too, can nibble on a Blue Cheese (blueberry and cream cheese) kringle!  Oliver’s will ship one to you! 

Click HERE to visit Oliver’s Bakery…order up a yummy.  And tell them that Kenny Oliver’s great niece sent you!  🙂

(You say you don’t know what a kringle is???  Read about the humble kringle HERE.)



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5 responses to “Whatever Happened to My Great Uncle Kenny’s Recipes??

  • Shawniqua

    Don’t mean to be ignant, but what the heck is a kringle?

  • Lou (Linda)

    Follow the link! Can’t do ALL the work for ya sista girl! 🙂

    Hurry up and get here! Can’t offer you a kringle when you do, though! Sorry….

  • Author

    I didn’t know what a Kringle was – so I followed the link and low and behold I realised I eat them regularly! We call then Danish Pastries here in the UK.

    They make them with raisons, cinnamon, apple and all sorts of fruit – and even with custard. My favourite type is raison and cherry with crunchy sugar icing. Mmmmm, delicious!

  • Cousin Laurel

    Hi Linda,
    Loved this about Oliver’s as that brought back memories. Ken Oliver taught my dad the bakery business and when we lived in El Segundo, my dad and another man opened a bakery. He also made the kringles and sorry to say I don’t have the recipe. Married to a Dane I definitely love kringle. I have fond memories as a child going to Kenosha and always going to Oliver’s where Uncle Ken would always let us pick out something to munch on. He was a great guy and a wonderful person. My mouth is watering now!!! Love your new hair cut. You must have felt like you lost a friend with all that gorgeous hair gone. Enjoy the visit with your dad when he is in Colorado. Love, Laurel

  • Lou (Linda)


    You have a bit of thing for raisins (we spell raison differently than you continentals!) I am learning! Glad you get to enjoy these where you are!


    Hey! More family history I didn’t know! Thanks!!!

    😦 Wish you had the recipe. I do have to learn how to make these. Maybe I’ll find a good recipe online and tweak it to make it my own “secret recipe”!

    The hair? Didn’t ever miss it, not even for a secon. Besides, with this haircut, and with how fast my hair grows, it’ll be easy to grow it out if I want to. I might do that, just so that I can send off another foot of it to Locks of Love!

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