Photo Friday – “Doors, Doorways, & Entries”

Today’s Photo Friday is entitled:

Doors, Doorways, & Entries″


I was out of town this week in Wisconsin and Illinois.  My father’s oldest brother passed away and I went back to be with my family and for the funeral.  I don’t get to see my midwest family often enough, and I very much enjoyed my time with them, despite the circumstances. 

Spring was in full glory back there.  It was like the Emerald City wherever you looked.  It was so beautiful I had to ask myself “Why don’t I live HERE?”.  But then I remembered that on one side of this gorgeous spring is a heinous winter, and on the other, an even more heinous summer – HOT and buggy!  🙂

Camera in hand, I had this week’s challenge in my head wherever I went.  My dad (originally from Kenosha, WI) and I drove around town and I took pictures of all of the houses he he lived in when he lived there.  There are doors in most of those pictures, but nothing sang to me.  I also have a pretty cool picture of the door to a lighthouse, but it didn’t sing either.

I left Kenosha after breakfast one morning and decided to drive north to Racine (next town up Lake Michigan) to just wander around the city where my best friend, Connie, had lived when I met her.  I don’t know what I was expecting, but I ended up not staying long because I got really sad being there.  So I headed south to Chicago.  I love Chicago.  My plan was to roam around down there and then head over to my friend Kevin’s brother’s house where I would meet up with his parents and we’d all spend the evening together before leaving the following morning.  Kevin was in Vegas for work, so he couldn’t be there with us.  😦  Anyhoo, as I was driving down to Chicago, I saw this coming up in the distance, so I grabbed my camera, turned it on, aimed it through the windshield, and shot this pic at about 80 mph!  🙂 

This sign always makes my heart beat fast because not too much farther down the road the skyline of Chicago starts to come in to view.  The city is vibrant, and busy, and noisy, and crammed with people.  And Kevin lives there.  And so, it’s always a place of fun and excitement for me. 

Only Kevin wasn’t there this time.  I drove around town and was amazed at how much it had changed and grown since last I was there.  But the more I looked, the more lonely I got. 

I don’t know what I was thinking, going to these places where Connie used to be, and Kevin wasn’t, right on the heels of a funeral.

But anyway, my picture is more of an “entry” than anything else…an entry into the best big city in America.

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6 responses to “Photo Friday – “Doors, Doorways, & Entries”

  • Author

    I’m sorry for your loss, and your sadness this week. It seemed to trigger a feeling of being lost yourself. Death can do that sometimes. It has the capacity to make us re-think everything. I expect it’s left you feeling drained too. Hugs.

    I like your photo – you sold it beautifully: “The city is vibrant, and busy, and noisy, and crammed with people.” – so much so – that it’s now on my “to visit” list. Thanks!

  • christina

    I think that you visit chi-town more often than I. 🙂 Just wanted to say that I resonate with this post.

  • skywindows

    I love your way of thinking! I am going to Michigan next week… we almost passed on the expressway lol.

    Beautiful work!

  • cordieb

    It’s such a joy to see the signs of the big city after being away. Great idea and pic. They made my heart race a bit too! Thanks for sharing!

    PS. My thoughts are with you and yours during your loss. Peace, Light and Love, Cordieb.

  • CuriousC


    I love Chicago. I attempted a photo of a full moon as we drove east into downtown across some bridge but it just didn’t come out. sometimes, I have to realize that I need to live life for the moments I see with my own eyes and NOT try to see everyting through a camera – if that makes any sense… now if I had been driving while trying to use the camera, then that would make sense.

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