Help Me Choose!

I am thinking of entering a photo in a local photography contest.  The subject matter is “Pollenators” and we are to show them in the process of doing their thing.

I have a few pictures I am considering and would love your feedback!

There are three.  The third picture is simply a “brighter” version of the second.

Which do I enter?  Help me choose!!!!  🙂

Or are none of them even good enough to enter.  Dunno!

Your thoughts?

(I took these pictures in my brother’s yard this past week in California…he has a most wonderful garden.  The entire southern wall of his home sports rose bushes — many taller than I — simply loaded with roses of many colors.  The bees on this day seemed partial to these vermillon blooms)


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10 responses to “Help Me Choose!

  • fotdmike

    Came across your post on tagsurfer. Really like that first shot. Think its superb!

  • Lou (Linda)

    Thanks for dropping in and giving me feedback! The first one is my fave, too, but I sorta like the bee in flight, too.

    Okay, so that’s one vote for the first photo.

  • CuriousC

    Ooooo! tough choices here. I think I like the first one best because the of two bees, one of them peeking out. And then I like the second over the third one. wow! ALL are exquisite. How fun.

    I have not been able to get my close flower shot come out with my new camera. I think I need to re-study the book.


  • Lizzie

    I like the first one because of the three bees busy working. The third one is in deep, really doing its job.

  • Whitney

    Hmmmm. I love the first one and agree with Lizzie about that bee really digging in, doing it’s job. I like the second one too. BUT I really love the third one. The lightening of the picture brought out the texture of the petals and the contrast of the bee. But, the category is “Pollinators”, plural so maybe my pick should be the first one but it’s not. I chose the last one.

  • Author

    Wow. I like them all. But without doubt my favourite is the first – not just because of the two bees but because the petals (although obviously a flower) look like a wonderful exotic landscape. I love the colours too.

    All three of these pics are easily good enough for a competition – have faith in yourself! You have talent and an “eye” for an image. 🙂

  • Cousin Laurel

    Hi Linda,
    I pick the first and your dad is here and he thinks the first, too.
    Cousin Laurel & Pop

  • Scott's Joanne

    The top one!!! Definitely!

  • helenl

    The second one. I like the brightness. The dark in the upper right hand corner makes the bee stand out. The first is my least favorite. Too much the same – no focus.

  • Julie

    Still like the 2nd one the best….as I told you before…I like the rich color of the flower with the contrast of the dark background…..

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