“Religion” – Photo Friday

Today’s Photo Friday is entitled: “Religion″

I have lots of pictures for this particular entry. Why? Not because I had my choice of so many great photos and just couldn’t pick, or anything like that AT ALL! 🙂 Nope. My pictures are a set of photos taken on a little walkabout I took through my old neighborhood in California this past week while visiting my family.

I had decided that I wanted to see if I could get a good picture of St. Matthew Greek Orthodox church which is about a half a mile from my brother’s house. We, my niece Avalon and I, set off one afternoon with our cameras in hand…she’s nine. My original plan was simply to take a picture of that particular church. About a tenth of a mile into our journey we walked past St. Andrew Episcopal Church:

and the idea hit me that I should share ALL of the churches I came across in our walkabout! Across from the Episcopal church is Nativity Catholic Church:

which is a particular neighborhood favorite of mine.

Almost to our intended destination I came across these lovely flowers which (to steal from last week’s challenge!) grew in lovely and unexpected juxtaposition to a fire hydrant:

And these fantastic morning glories winding their way up a telephone pole:

Finally we reach St. Matthew. It, like the other churches we’ve past, is situated in between homes on these old city streets:

We walked some more. Avalon, despite her youth, began to flag and wished to return home, so we headed off that direction, but before we reached the house, we passed the United Methodist Church:

the First Baptist Church:

AND finally, the First Samoan United Methodist Church:

Finally tally? SIX churches tucked into one small neighborhood, all passed while walking just a little bit over a mile…and only one of them has a parking lot!

Let’s just say this little part of town has got religion!

But where DOES everyone park??

It was a beeeeuuuuuutiful day!

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Next week’s challenge comes to us from Jan of “A Curious State of Affairs” and it is “Self-Portrait”.  Click HERE to see the particulars!  It’s another FUN one!

One more picture, because what is a mini-adventure without one of my foot pictures?  Incomplete!  So, then, here it is!  A curb picture with a friendly reminder of where it ends up when you dump it!


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14 responses to ““Religion” – Photo Friday

  • Author


    I love your entry because by showing so many beautiful photographs of the different churches you came across on your walk – you are highlighting and symbolically showing the many Faiths in the World today (one God, many Faiths).

    The flowers are also lovely as they show one of God’s beautiful creations (and juxtaposed – now that’s just too clever for words!) 🙂

  • skywindows

    This is awesome!!! Each building is so different, representing their belief’s. I love it. I love how you captured each building.


  • CuriousC

    What an amazing happy blue sky day?! I enjoyed traveling along on your quick church tour.

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  • Julie

    I think my favorite is St. Matthew….. except for of course the Morning Glory, wow, love that….hopefully we’ll see that one again, enlarged for a flower themed entry!

    Sure will miss all your entries when you leave for Africa!!!!

  • Author

    Africa? When are you off to Africa? How exciting! Do let us know more – please!

  • Lou (Linda)

    Oh, well, I guess I need to write a little update then! In short I am taking a team of teenagers over to Malawi for the summer on a mission! Very excited!!

  • CuriousC

    Wow – Africa!

    and of course, you may use the idea of synopsissing or whatever – I have no claim to it… 🙂

  • Carol

    All your pictures are great, but the flowers are absolutely gorgeous. Hope you’re enjoying your time in God’s country.(at least, that’s how I think of California :-0 )

  • Cordieb

    Sounds like you had a very nice walk; Those churches are beautiful. But I suspose all churches are beautiful in their own way. That’s a lot of churches for such a short span – I love those purple flowers; I think of God’s beauty in creation each time I pass a field with purple flowers. As a side note; the feet are cute – and they are God’s creation too. Thanks for sharing. Peace, Light and Love, CordieB.

  • Deborah

    OK… random surf-by comment…
    Are you leading the TMI Malawi Matrons Unit 08 team? Because my sister Becky is hoping to be on that team…
    Just curious 🙂
    Gorgeous pictures, by the way!

    and to answer your question… perhaps people walk or ride bike instead of driving?

  • Lou (Linda)

    Hey Deborah,

    Yes! I am the leader for the Malawi Matrons Unit team this summer. Has Becky already signed up for the team? I am so excited for this team. I think it’s going to be amazing…

    I am laughing to myself because it really never occured to me that maybe the bulk of the people who attend these churches live in the neighborhood and don’t need to drive! Thanks!! 🙂

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