“It’s Life Imitating High Art” – Photo Friday

Today’s Photo Friday is entitled: “It’s Life Imitating High Art″

Y’all are going to start thinking I’m totally lazy (worse, with that y’all there, you might start thinking I’m lazy AND country!)  🙂  Anywhoooo, it’s been another sort of crazy week in the life of Lou.  I originally had planned on doing my best photographic imitation of Jan Vermeer’s “Girl With a Pearl Earring“.  However, I just couldn’t pull that off.  Having just taken inspiration from Warhol in my last Photo Friday entry, I thought it would be fairly simple to do my best photographic imitation of one of HIS most simplistic works, his iconic Campbell’s Tomato Soup Can:

It wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be!  I originally took about 20 photographs.  Then I attempted some digital manipulation in order to really whiten the background and to eliminate all the shadows.  That turned out to be wayyyyy more difficult than I had thought.  So I abandoned that and thought I’d try my best to recreate it with a pure photograph.  Another 30 or so pictures later, and this is the best I could do. 

I think I’ll still keep “Girl” in mind for another photographic project in the future.  I have the perfect model, BUT the earrings I had thought I’d use I can’t find.  I think maybe I sold them at one of the last garage sales (boot sales for Jan) I participated in.  So, while I look like I’ve been very lazy with this project, I actually worked pretty hard on it!

I’m very excited to see what fab stuff the others have put together!!

Please check out the other participants’ work! 

Sky WIndows

A Curious State of Affairs

Idea Jump

Jan, the brilliant Photo Friday mastermind, has given me the opportunity to pick next week’s challenge.  Pending her approval of the subject, my choice is “Juxtaposition”.


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9 responses to ““It’s Life Imitating High Art” – Photo Friday

  • skywindows

    I think this is cool, and I also found how difficult it can be to get your photo to be exactly like the original painting.

    I am anxious to hear what next week will bring us!

  • Author

    I just love it! Fabulous! So simple (the simplest artwork is often the most difficult to create!) and yet classic, iconic, lovely.

    You could enlarge it, frame it and hang it on the kitchen wall. I would. 🙂

  • Author

    PS: By the way – I considered doing “girl with a pearl earing” too! How spooky is that? But then I plumped for a picture with a cat in it for obvious reasons.


  • Lou (Linda)

    Perhaps one day we should attempt to recreate the very same painting? Like “Girl With a Pearl Earring”. It might be fun to see how each person interprets the exact same thing!

    Sky Windows, your entry rocked!

    And Jan, good call on going for a picture with a cat in it! Talk about spooky, I also thought of recreating a cat subject, but couldn’t find a painting I liked with a dilute calico in it! 🙂

  • Author

    I love the idea of re-creating the same painting but each doing it how we want. Next week is your choice: “juxtaposition”, the week after Tina’s choice – so perhaps after that? Then after, CuriousC and Julie will get a choice of title.

  • Julie

    Sorry I didn’t play this week…really busy at work (finally)….Real Estate is so hard to depend on…..I will do my best to keep up with you guys…..What the heck is juxtaposition? Any guidance, please?

  • CuriousC

    OH! I laughed so hard at first glance and then had to chuckle (sorry) some more when I read that it took you a LOT more time to do this! Which is perfect. It shows even the simplest ideas can have lots of work go into them! I love this, I do. well done. I’m looking forward to something popping into my head for next week….

  • Author


    Wikpedia says juxtaposition means ”two random objects moving in parallel, or a technique intended to stimulate creativity”

    Guess any manipulation of photos that stimulates creativity would be fine! I can’t wait to see how Lou has interpreted it though!

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