For years I’ve had the same gentleman do my taxes in the LA area.  Because I was more than happy with his services, I continued to use him after I moved to Colorado.  But this year I decided to bring the business home, as it were, and hire a local CPA to do the deed for me. 

I found an ad offering a special price and so I called.  I stood to save about 75% so I went out on a limb and called.  Frank of Raspberry Mountain Investments doesn’t have an office, “I’ll come to you” he said.  What the heck.  Why not.  Having my taxes done in the comfort of my own home (with access to all my paperwork in case I forgot something) sounded really convenient.  My taxes aren’t horribly complicated (too complicated for ME mind you, but not too bad in general) so I guessed I’d be able to tell if the guy wasn’t doing things “up to snuff”.

I had friends tell me they thought I was taking my chances having a strange man come to my house.  One of them was considering coming over and bringing her Glock with her just in case I had invited some sort of predator!!! 

Welllll, I needn’t have worried.  He was so thorough and I didn’t feel rushed and I’m pretty sure we maximized my deductions.  And he electronically filed those taxes right there at my dining room table and printed up my copies of everything.  I asked him why his prices were so low, and he told me that after spending many years with a major national firm, he struck out on his own this year and he was using the low prices to build a client base.  It won’t be as cheap next year, but still less than half the cost of having my LA guy do them.

He’s got me for repeat business for sure, and I took a bunch of business cards.

Boy, am I glad my taxes are done.  I hate having them hanging over my head like an executioner’s axe. 

Filing tax returns under the current overwhelmingly complicated tax system are PAIN.

I’d sure like to see some reform there…

If you are looking for a tax man in the 719, give Frank a call!  I highly recommend his services.

Sort of an Unpaid Product Endorsement.  I guess more like an Unpaid Services Endorsement!  🙂


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2 responses to “Taxes…Filed

  • Author

    Nice to hear you got a good job done – I’m all for using individuals rather than big companies – that way you stay a name instead of becoming a number. Also you avoid having to phone helplines abroad, and being put in a queue with dreadful tinned music blasting into your ears!


  • CuriousC

    For this kind of advertising, he better not raise your rates TOO MUCH! wow! btw, I have relatives in ColoSpgs, I’ll send them tip.

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