“Photographic Art-2” – Photo Friday


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Photo Friday

Today’s Photo Friday entry is entitled: Photographic Art-2 © Jan Marshall 

I was really glad when our latest Photo Friday assignment was to give us another shot at “Photographic Art”.  I call this offering “Petrified Warhol”.

The original picture was of a petrified tree stump at the Florissant Fossil Beds in Florissant, Colorado.  Taking a little bit of inspiration from Andy Warhol, I came up with this:

The colors are bit tamer than the ones Warhol used for his repetitive image silkscreens, but I like the overall effect.  I think it looks more like a frozen waterfall than wood.

Please check out the other participants’ work!

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I’ll add links more links if any more participants decide to play!

Next week’s challenge is a really good one!  “It’s Life Imitating High Art”.  We are to recreate an actual work of art in a photograph!  Fun fun!



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