Good-Bye My Excellent Friend

Many of you have followed my posts on Scott and Joanne “Cuddles”.  I have not updated their story in a long time.  Sadly, this is to be my final update.  Scott passed away on March 24th after a nearly year long tango with pancreatic cancer.  I attended his memorial yesterday and was witness to the impact Scott had on so many people. 

Thank you Scott for your friendship, your guidance, your wisdom, your love, and your acceptance.  Thank you for modeling a marriage that was godly and a life that was filled to overflowing with joy, grace and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.  Thank you for sharing Joanne (and the rest of your family) with me.  Thank you for always striving for excellence in whatever you put your hands and mind to.   

Indeed, you have brought God glory on earth by completing the work He gave you to do.  (John 17:4)

I am better for having known you…

Good-bye my excellent friend. 

(Click HERE to visit the memorial webpage which has been set up to honor Scott’s life)


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3 responses to “Good-Bye My Excellent Friend

  • skywindows

    I am so sorry to hear of yet another life that cancer has stolen. What a lovely tribute to your friend.

    I remember when I was younger a teacher once said “everyone here can probably think of someone who has been affected by cancer…” I couldn’t think of anyone I knew that had it.

    Now, not only am I a survivor, my daughter a survivor, my mother in law a survivor, but daily I hear of someone who has been diagnosed or going through treatment, or something to do with cancer.

    I feel it is becoming an epidemic.

    Sorry for the soapbox. Just feeling angry at cancer today.

  • Author

    A beautiful tribute. What a terrible loss Scott’s death must be to his friends and family. I send them my prayers.

    You too, must be feeling this hard. I’m sorry for your loss and pain.

  • Lou (Linda)

    Thank you ladies. It has been very hard on this family. This is the third family member that one side of the family has lost in the past 2 1/2 years. My friend Joanne has lost her father, her only sister, and now her husband. I can’t even imagine that.

    I am saddened by how cancer has personally touched both of your lives as well, but am so glad that I am still able to enjoy “your company”.

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