“The View Through My Window” – Photo Friday


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Photo Friday

Today’s Photo Friday entry is entitled: The View Through My Window © Jan Marshall 

When I get up early on the days I have to get up early, I am able to watch part of the sunrise through the bathroom window in my shower.  However, since I didn’t have to get up early this week, I have missed every opportunity to photograph the morning display.  And the views from the rest of my windows didn’t do much for me this week either.

So, I trudged to the archives and found a favorite view through a special window in my past.  This is the view from my kitchen window this past summer with Teen Missions in Ispica, Sicily:

That’s wisteria on the lattice, and that’s the Mediterranean in the distance.  The picture doesn’t do its beauty justice, and it doesn’t capture the warm and faintly salty breeze rustling through the olive and almond trees.  My window had no screen and I could see out of the window from pretty much wherever I was in the kitchen.  Sigh.  It was a long hard summer, but this view?  This view refreshed me and recharged my batteries on a daily basis…

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Next week we’re having another go at Photographic Art – “Photographic Art-2”.  I’m already thinking about what I can do!  🙂


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