Unpaid Product Endorsement for the Day – Q-tips

Time for another UPE! 

And let’s just say I learned the hard way that it doesn’t matter how great a deal you get on those other cotton swabs.  But I learned FAST!

If they were giving off-brands away, I’d get in the line to pay full price for the real deal!

While looking for an image to put in my blog I came across another blogger’s post about a friend of hers who discovered that her boyfriend had generic Q-tips.  Her potential future life with this man flashed before her eyes — generic food items, plastic covered furniture, cheap clothing, etc.  She broke up with him the next day.

I might do the same thing, but I’d ask 1) if this was the first time he’d purchased them and 2) would he purchase them again.  If the answer to number 1 was yes and number 2 was no, I’d probably stick around.  If the answers were reversed, I think I’d have to bail, too.  Bargain shopping is one thing…terminal cheapness is another. 

So, if I can offer up one little bit of advice…don’t learn the hard way.  Stick to Q-tips.  Use a coupon and get it doubled, that’ll take the sting out of the higher purchase price!



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4 responses to “Unpaid Product Endorsement for the Day – Q-tips

  • Julie

    Buy them in bulk at Sam’s Club…they’re not that much more than! I agree with sticking with the real thing….maybe I’d pawn off the cheap ones to my kids..??

  • Shirley

    Now, Linda, there’s cheap, and then there is frugal and economical. I’m not sure about Qtips, but I buy generic aspirin, ibuprophen and such…Check the labels and the ingredients are the same, I believe.

    Agree? …or are we in for a fight? 🙂

  • Lou (Linda)

    Ha! No Shirley, we’re not in for a fight. I’m just saying that there’s no substitute for Q-tips! Frugal and economical (using a coupon to buy REAL Q-tips) is one thing, CHEAP (buying knock-off Q-tips even though they are an extremely inferior product just because they are cheaper) is another!

    All things being equal, or pretty close, I say save your money where you can…

    Just don’t save it when it comes to Q-tips! 🙂

  • CuriousC

    too funny! I agree, Q-tips are the best. And I learned the hard way. I think your friend should have at least done some more checking through the kitchen shelves just to give him the benefit of the doubt. But hey, trust your gut, right!?

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