Tension Headache

Lately I’ve been getting tension headaches.  I take Tylenol and Motrin but they don’t help much.

Today I finally figured out why I’ve been having them.  Can’t believe it took me so long, especially since I’ve had the same problem at different times in my life.

You see, I’ve been growing my hair out.  And I guess it has reached critical mass.  It’s long enough and heavy enough now to pull on my head just enough to give me a headache.

Time to get a haircut!  🙂

Ah, the mundanity of blogging!  Working on a post about my afternoon spent in Denver yesterday.  Can’t promise it’ll be interesting, perse, but it won’t be as dull as a hair-related headache!!



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Just a girl from Colorado trying to live life to God's glory with a certain amount of gusto! View all posts by Lou (Linda)

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