Little Successes!

Did the short four miles of the Waldo Canyon hike with Vickie this morning…it was too icy to do the top 3 1/2 mile loop though.  When we started this hiking thing I could barely make it up the three “flights” of steps at the trailhead and had to stop multiple times during the hike.  Today there was no stopping.  We do that part of the hike in just about an hour.  We could have run and done it faster today, but the air was bitingly cold and it hurt too much for that.  Anyhow, it’s amazing how much better my stamina is after just a couple of months of hiking once a week.

When I got home I tried to go on the internet but couldn’t make a connection.  I rebooted.  Reset the modem.  Reset the wireless router, etc.  I did note that the icon for my router which generally resides in the bottom bar of my screen was absent.  Odd.  So I fiddled with this and that, tried to fix it while I was on hold with Comcast to find out if there was a provider issue involved.  While I waited I found a link on my computer which, when I opened it, showed that my wireless system was turned off on my computer.  I clicked it to turn it on right when I got a live person and my internet was restored.  I’m pretty sure the Comcast person who got my call thought I was a nutbar.

How do you suppose it got turned off in the first place?  I have NO idea other than maybe my cat Mew Ling walked on my computer during the night and turned it off somehow.  She’s a sneaky snake that one!  She always does the most creative things when she takes a stroll on my keyboard!  I learn such interesting things when I am fixing her computer work.



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One response to “Little Successes!

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    Sounds a great hike to me – even the name Waldo Canyon sounds great.

    I like to walk myself (often the coastal path or long beach walks) but having had chondrosarcoma (primary bone cancer) of the tibia, excessive walking is now painful so my hiking has to be limited.

    You’ve inspired me now though – so I may challenge myself this summer to try and get fitter, walk more – even if it’s over more even terrain. (walking uphill or over uneven surfaces is particularly painful).

    Hope you took some pics – I’d love to “visit” Waldo Canyon.

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