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Photo Friday

Today’s Photo Friday entry is entitled: Photographic Art © Jan Marshall 

Photographic Art.  Photos as art?  Photos OF art?  Photos enhanced to be more “artsy”??  I can’t wait to see how everyone will interpret this assignment!  I’d been thinking about how *I* was going to interpret this assignment since Jan (of the blog “A Curious State of Affairs) came up with the idea two weeks ago. 

It’s been a long and tiring and emotional week for me.  An excellent friend of mine passed away on Monday morning.  My mind has been a bit occupied with things other than doing something fresh and exciting for Photo Friday.  Despite not getting much in the way of inspiration, I still very much wanted to participate.  Hoping my entry isn’t a complete cop-out.  I messed around with a number of photographs doing different affects and enhancements, but didn’t end up with anything that I really liked.  So I ended up deciding on a photo OF art.

In one of my curio/collection cabinets I have a small oil painting on canvas done by an artist in Zambia.  I’m pretty sure it’s a painting that the artist recreated often to sell to foreign tourists, but I bought it anyway because I loved the bright colors, the long lines, and the general grubbiness of it.  I look at it and I can hear the excited chatter.  I wonder “What is it that has captured the attention of these ladies?”.  It’s only about 4″ X 8″.  I’ve not yet framed it.  But I thought that this would be a good place and time to share it.  I don’t know the name of the artist, but his cell phone number is on the back!  Perhaps I should call and ask his name!

In Zambia, as in many African nations, it is unrealistic to string phone lines, but very reasonable to set up cell towers.  People who can afford phones don’t have land lines, they carry cells.

Here is my unnamed, unsigned, Zambian work of art…

Don’t forget to check out the other participant’s work!  I’ll be posting links as they become available.

“A Curious State of Affairs”

“Idea Jump”

Next week’s assignment?  “The View Through My Window”…


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7 responses to ““Photographic Art” – Photo Friday

  • Author


    First of all my sincere condolances for the loss of your friend. It must have been a very difficult week for you.

    I love your entry. Interestingly, if you’d asked me to guess at the painting’s title, I would have named it “Friends” – so maybe it is a very appropriate entry for you this week.

    I too love the vibrant colours, the long lean lines of the ladies, and the naieve style of the art. I can almost hear the chatter – and the laughter. It is quite charming – and I would have purchased it too.

    Thanks for taking the trouble to join in this week – maybe you could dedicate your entry to your dear friend – it would be a simple but beautiful gesture?

  • Lou (Linda)

    Thanks for your condolences and kind words. I like the name “Friends” for my little painting.

    I am working on a special entry that will be dedicated to Scott. I have started 8 or 10. It will come to me, I’m sure.

  • CuriousC

    I echo all of Jan’s thoughts. I’m sorry about your friend. and FRIENDS is a good name for that colorful piece of art – and you did a fab job of photographing it for display here, too. I always seem to get the angle wrong or the flash glares or … anyway, beautiful post!

  • Lou (Linda)

    Thank you, too.

    Your begonias look amazing!

  • Shirley

    Linda, I love your painting, especially for the leanness and the color. Wish I were lean and long!

    I’m truly sorry for your loss.


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