Not Usually So Oblivious! At Least I Hope Not!

For fun I clicked on the AOL link on my sign-on page to see just how many national brand logos I could correctly identify.  I was given a choice of the real corporate logo and a fake logo.  For example, I could choose between the Starbuck’s logo with stars in the green border or without.  (Click HERE if you want to test YOUR logo knowledge.)

I got them all right.  Then I clicked on an associated link to see how I’d do in a brand awareness quiz.  I faired worse there.  And I was stunned by my apparent complete lack of awareness when I got to a question asked about the FedEx logo.

The question was “What does the arrow between the E and x in FedEx’s logo represent?”.

Until that moment, I never even noticed that arrow!  Now it jumps out at me like a cobra.

Help!  What ELSE have I been missing in my oblivious state???


Were the rest of you aware of that arrow in there???  Did anyone else miss it like I did???

April 30, 2011 – Update…sorry folks, the links do not work anymore!  😦


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6 responses to “Not Usually So Oblivious! At Least I Hope Not!

  • Whitney

    So what does it mean?

  • Lou (Linda)

    Dunno. I’m a newly diagnosed oblivionate, remember?? 🙂

  • Larry

    Oh my gosh I totally accidentally found your blog through a link from another blog. Where yours was the feature of the day.

    How cool is that. (I was so excited I forgot which blog it was, and I didn’t want to rewrite..) lol

    Hope you are doing well!


  • Lou (Linda)

    Totally cool! 🙂

    Too funny!!

    However you ended up back here, it’s always good to hear from you…

  • Brandy-Lynn Christen

    I will have to ask Craig. If FedEx and UPS ever merge they would be called FedUP. That’s what my father in-law thinks anyway.

    Ha! That’s sooooo Dan! 🙂 — Lou


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