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Photo Friday

Today’s Photo Friday entry is entitled: Amazing Architecture © Jan Marshall   

As much as I love nature and all the beauty that is just because it IS, I love the beauty of the things that man creates just as much.  Man (and by that I mean humankind) was created in the image of its maker, and part of being created in His image includes the ability to create as well.  Out of God’s creation of rock, wood, metal, and sand, one of the things man creates is architecture.  The interpretation of a floor, walls, and a ceiling is as varied as the birds of the air.  Shacks and cathedrals, skyscrapers and lighthouses, cottages and castles, pyramids and soddies, forts and obelisks.  No other creature in all of creation exhibits the ability to never have to build the same thing twice as they are driven to do so by instinct.  Birds of a feather always build the same nest.  People never do.  Even the most mundane tract homes each have their own individuality.  But man doesn’t only build homes.  Man builds all kinds of structures because he CAN and because he WANTS to.  And man can build things that last, some times for millenia.  Since taking digital pictures is till fairly new to me, most of my favorite architectural pictures are still 35 mm prints or even worse, they are SLIDES!  But I found a few pictures I thought would do nicely for this challenge.

This is the Gallarus Oratory in Dingle, Ireland.  Believed to have been erected for use as a church, it was built in the 6th century and is mortarless!  It is also very small.  Even a short person must duck to enter the doorway.  It is watertight and has amazingly remained unchanged, stone upon stone, for 1500 years.


In about 480 B.C. the Greeks erected a Doric temple in Syracuse, Sicily.  Some of those pillars remained after the temple was destroyed and were incorporated into the wall of the Syracuse Cathedral at an unknown point in time.  The cathedral was named the Cathedral of Syracuse (Sicily, Italy) in 680 A.D., so this building, too, has been around a LONG time!  The first photo is of the front of the cathedral.  The second is of the interior wall of the left nave which amazingly incorporated pillars from the original temple.



Finally, because I wanted to include a picture that I took specifically for this post, this past weekend while in Denver I took the opportunity to look around at the many varying architectural structures there.  This building caught my eye as it was very ungainly and looked completely out of place in its surroundings.  I cropped it down to focus on the lines and shadows, which I actually thought were quite amazing.  The elements?  Lovely.  The overall concept and location?  Ugly!  (Incidentally, I have no idea what this building is used for).

As per the usual, I will add the links to the other participant’s work as they are posted.

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Anyone else still wants to play this week, do so!  Friday lasts until midnight, wherever you live!

Next week’s challenge?  “Photographic Art”.


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9 responses to ““Amazing Architecture” – Photo Friday

  • Author

    Fabulous photos!

    The Gallarus Oratory in Dingle, Ireland – is just timeless. it could habe been built yesterday or 1500 years ago – the simplicity of it is ancient – and yet modern. Wonderful!

    I too have visited the Doric temple in Syracuse, Sicily – it was memorable. And so it is lovely to see the photo to remind me of the details. I used to work for the British Museum Bookshop (Great Russell Street, London) taking lecture tours to the Etruscan, Greek and Roman sites all over Europe. We would take a party of people on tour and then accompany them aound the sites (the evening before we would give a lecture on the different sites we’d see the next day). It was a wonderful time for me as I was able to explore Europe (staying five star all the way) and be paid for it at the same time!

    Incidentally I had the same problem – all my old photos are non digital – so I have to rely on more recent ones to select – some of the old ones just wouldn’t scan well.

    Your 3rd photo is right up my street! I take lots of similiar shots of very modern buildings myself – they look like art when captured this way. I have hundreds of New York skyscraper photos (often black & white) that this photo reminds me of. Quite lovely.

  • Margie G

    I like your blog.
    The idea of a photo friday is great.
    How do I find out what this weeks theme is?
    Sorry if it’s obvous but i can’t see what it is? Unless it’s still amazing architecture?
    I’d like to participate.
    I also love yaking photos of this beautiful world of ours.
    God Bless Margie

  • Margie G

    I think I just found what i was looking for!!
    Photographic art? I think thats the theme!!
    Will see what I can do.
    How do I upload a photo file?
    Regards from Margie G

  • skywindows

    How funny, I was originally going to do mine on Churches around the area too.

    God put the same mission in our head lol.

    I am amazed at the church in ireland. That is amazing!

  • Author

    Hi Margie G,

    This week’s Photo Friday theme is “Amazing Architecture” – next week’s is “Photographic Art” – we’d love it if you join in!

    Do leave a link on my site so i can see your entry, and also this site (Lou’s) and the other entrants!

    Each week I leave the following week’s title at the end of my Photo Friday entry.


    Hope you don’t mind me respondong to Margie G on your blog! She didn’t leave a link so I can’t visit her site.

    Nope. Course I don’t mind! — Lou

  • Lou (Linda)

    Hey all! Another great Photo Friday, I think! Margie, I do hope you’ll join us. I don’t see if you yet have a blog of your own or not. We would love to have you join us in the challenges!

    Author! Looks like we’ve haunted some of the same locations! I think I need to work on digitalizing my 35 mm slides and photos! And I think you should do the same.

    Thanks to all!

  • Author


    You’re right – I tried to scan another photo today (Casa Batllo in Barcelona) that looked fantastic in the original form but poor post scanning! Such is life. Fortunately I found almost the identical photo via google images – which sufficed. See my blog for this truly amazing Architectural Art!

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