California In Danger of Falling Into the Ocean – Part II

I’m on the e-mail distribution list of L.A. Mayoral hopeful, Walter Moore.  I doubt he’ll ever win.  But he’s the most straight-talking, realistic-goal-setting, voice-of-reason to enter into politics in my lifetime.  When I lived in Southern California, though not in L.A. proper, I financially supported his first campaign.  He lost to Villaraigosa, unfortunately.  However, I have stayed on Mr. Moore’s e-mail distribution list just so I could make sure that my ulcer never completely heals!  🙂  Here’s one of his latest offerings.  I doubt he’ll mind that I have taken the liberty of reposting it here in its entirety.

Up In Smoke:  Common Sense
By Walter Moore, Candidate for Mayor of Los Angeles,

Use a fireplace, go to jail.

The Philosopher Kings of the South Coast Air Quality Management
District (AQMD) have decided that government must stop you from
burning wood in your fireplace.

The AQMD — which is funded with $125 million of your money each year
— just made it illegal to install wood-burning fireplaces in new
homes, and adopted regulations to stop you from using your existing
fireplace on days they deem too polluted.

In a region where massive wildfires are as routine as televised car
chases, these kill-joys want to stop you from burning logs?  Are you
kidding me?

We’ve got ten jillion cars and trucks stuck in traffic, idling, for
about 18 out of every 24 hours.  We’ve got a governor who fires up the
Gulfstream twice a day to commute from L.A. to Sacramento.  We’ve got
kids getting shot while minding their own business.  And yet we need a
new law to ban the burning of logs in fireplaces?  Really?

Maybe I’ve led a sheltered life, but I don’t remember ever hearing
about a coroner listing, as the cause of death, “lived in a city with
wood-burning fireplaces.”

Laws like this make you wonder what they’re smoking at the AQMD.
Wonder no more:  our city’s representative on the AQMD’s board is Jan
Perry.  That’s right:  the same City Council Member who wants to
“protect” you from fast food in South L.A. because you’re too fat and
stupid to decide what to eat and where.

Remember common sense?  I really miss it, especially when it comes to
people who have the power to tax and regulate.

People used to understand the concept of “priorities” and
“reasonableness.”  Now we’ve created so many agencies that they need
to manufacture new problems to justify their continuing existence and
ever-increasing funding.

The AQMD will never issue a press release saying, “The federal and
state Environmental Protection Agencies, along with county and city
agencies, have pretty much taken care of everything, and since we’ve
gotten to the point of regulating wood-burning fireplaces, we
recommend that our agency be disbanded.”

Okay, enough ranting from me for one day.  I’ll think I’ll go buy a
McBreakfast and light up a cigar just to spite the Philosopher Kings.

I don’t even think I have anything pithy I can add to this well-crafted and succinct masterpiece.

More idiocy in bureaucracy at its finest…

A brief follow-up note:

Looks like Mr. Moore has someone searching LexisNexis!  I got an e-mail from him today!  Love the internet!  Here’s the nice note I got from him:

L.A. needs you!  Come back!

It is so crazy here.  I’m glad to see you stayed on my e-mail list.

And hey, I may win this time.  I’ve raised nearly $80,000, and 
Villaraigosa is SO bad that I think he’s going to increase turnout 
among people who would ordinarily ignore the election.

We’ll see.

Bye for now.

Walter Moore

I have decided to make “California In Danger of Falling Into the Ocean” a regular feature as I come across items that make me shake my head.  I’m sure I’ll be posting more from Mr. Moore in the future!


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2 responses to “California In Danger of Falling Into the Ocean – Part II

  • Dana

    I thought California already had fallen off into the ocean? At the deep end, no less. : ) I actually landed here looking for something else, but glad I did. I’ll be back later to look a little more closely at your blog!

  • Lou (Linda)


    Glad you feel into my blog, however it was that you got here! Come on back sometime!

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