“Black and White” – Photo Friday


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Photo Friday

Today’s Photo Friday entry is entitled: Black and White © Jan Marshall   

I love black and white photography.  (I already have a post titled “I Love Black and White” in fact!)  In the days when I used to draw, my favorite media were charcoal, pencils, and india ink.  I love black and white in general.  Often my color photographs will exhibit black and white qualities.

“Black and White” can be interpreted SOOOOO many ways in this setting.  I was thinking of doing something super-creative and unexpected.  Nahhhhhh.  🙂

On one my cousin Julie’s and my many little road trips, we happened upon these fantastic weeds in a park.  I was so disappointed that I couldn’t get my macro setting working on my old digital.  None of the pictures came out clearly…at least the part I wanted to be clear didn’t come out clearly.  The shape of the weeds was so wonderful, that I thought I might be able to make something interesting out of them by digitally manipulating them…


This image has a monochromatic grayscale feel to it to start with, so I converted it to grayscale:


 Didn’t care for the result.  Too blah.  Still doesn’t change the lack of focus and now it had lost the warmth of the golden hues.  I wondered what it would look like if I converted it to a true black and white picture:

Loved it!  Reminded me of a Jackson Pollack painting, with a twist…or is that with a curly-q?

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I’ll be adding links to any other entries as they are posted.  We’re growing! 

Consider joining us next week for the great topic “Amazing Architecture”!


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