It’s 2:43 AM…

I generally sleep really soundly. 

Once on Thanksgiving I fell asleep after dinner on the floor at my Aunt’s house while we were watching the “Twighlight Zone” marathon.  After I woke up my Uncle told me that he poked at me (hard) with his foot because he thought I was dead.  He thought I was dead because I hadn’t moved in quite some time and there were people everywhere making all kinds of noise, and stepping over me and tripping over me.  I guess I moved when he kicked me and satisfied his curiosity (and concern), but I didn’t wake up.

Another time, when I was living in the mother-in-law house behind my brother, my brother came in to get a movie I’d left for him on my dresser.  He came in the front door when I didn’t answer his knock and came into my room (not very quietly because he didn’t think I was home) to get it.  I apparently sat up and talked to him when he turned on the light, but I have no recollection of this.  Scary, because he could have been anyone.  I discovered he’d been in my house the next morning when the tape was gone.

I will often incorporate whatever is going on in the real world into my dreams.  If I have fallen asleep with the TV on I might incorporate that in.  Like the time I was dreaming about “Paris Slips”.  Didn’t make a bit of sense to me, even in my dream, so I dragged myself out of my dream to find that I was watching the middle of the night Oprah and she had a guest talking about getting a plastic surgery procedure done that I’d never heard of.  This was many years ago, and because at the time I’d never heard of it, my brain made “Paris Lips” into paris slips!  I was dreaming about lingerie, but the audio track didn’t at all match the visual track!

Which brings me to tonight.  Tonight I was dreaming about being on an Amazing Race sort of show.  I was apparently ahead of some of the other contestants when I saw a small duffel bag being thrown up over a railing.  It was full of tools and rope.  And I heard voices down the stairwell.  I knew that some of the other contestants were hot on my trail.  I scrambled to finish what I was doing so that I could make it look like I’d not yet been there while I heard the voices become louder and louder.  I had barely pulled a door shut behind me when I heard them break through a nearby door, shouting, and banging and stomping around.  Then I heard them pound up the stairs, slamming the door behind them.  It was so loud that it shook the building.  And it woke me up….

And that, dear friends, is when I discovered, at 2:43 this morning, that I don’t think I’m going to like my new neighbors much.

Whoever owns the unit next to me has an excellent track record for renting the place to really loud people.  The last ones had a couple of dogs who’d bark a lot and run up and down the stairs like a herd of cattle.  Thing was, they couldn’t stop at the bottom, so they’d slam into the wall.  Dogs are kinda dumb that way.  AND the couple screamed at each other.  Top of your lungs kind of screaming.  They did this rather often.  Thankfully, they moved out after a short tenancy and the place has remained empty for many months.  I’ve gotten used to the quiet.  But that is apparently only going to be a distant memory.

I don’t want to be the crabby old lady neighbor, but this young couple might force me into it!  I’m pretty tolerant, but as the clock is now telling me it’s after 3:00, and they’re still hollering and stomping around, I might reach my limit.

I won’t reach it tonight, but I might if I get a repeat performance tomorrow!  And I might just have to tape it.  But I won’t be able to post it here for you, because these two use some mighty colorful language.

I hope I can get back to sleep…I have to be up in less than four hours…




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3 responses to “It’s 2:43 AM…

  • Lady Luck

    How awful. Neighbours can be so inconsiderate – it’s hard to know how to handle it because if they were reasonable people they wouldn’t be hollering lke that at that time of night anyway.

  • Shawniqua


    I feel your pain. You’re in my thoughts and prayers. Mine are gone! Unknown for how long. Their place is in limbo land: no for sale, rent, lease or foreclosure sign. I am afraid another boatload my arrive from the homeland but in the mean time I have enjoyed one month of sound sleep.

    Love You

  • Lou (Linda)

    SOOOOoooo glad yours are gone! Hopefully whoever, or whatever, replaces them, will be an improvement…

    Mine have been behaving themselves, for the most part anyway, since I posted!

    Thanks for popping in on the ole blog!

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