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Photo Friday

Today’s Photo Friday entry is entitled: Friends © Jan Marshall  

My goodness.  I have been blessed with many excellent, wonderful, loving, fun, supportive, etc. ad nauseum (!) friends.  🙂  I have been blessed much more than I deserve.  If friends were riches, then I should be called one of the world’s wealthiest women. 

This past summer I met a woman named Angelica.  (The g is soft, like in girl.)  She was at the same camp in Ispica, Sicily, as my teen missions team.  She was there from Austria with five German and Austrian men, one of whom was her husband.  They were there also as missionaries and were working alonside “my kids”.  They’d been there some weeks prior to our arrival.  Angelica could not have been more thrilled to see me show up.  She was quite tired of all “the mens”, as she called them!  🙂  She was anxious for female companionship and conversation.  As I was the only real “adult” in my group and I had no one really to talk with either, we were a perfect match. 

A few times a week we’d go to the local Conad grocery store in town to pick up whatever we were in need of.  Though my time was limited, we managed to find time to get cappuccinos and have a private chat and laugh together.  You’d probably laugh, too, if you were to overhear us!  Her native language is German, mine is English.  She speaks some English and a little Italian.  I speak no German, but some French and Spanish.   Between all those languages, we manged to understand each other, at least mostly!  Once she was trying to explain to me an illness that one of her children died from many years ago.  She couldn’t find even the most rudimentary of words to explain what it was in any language and it was really frustrating her.  “I only know in German” she finally said after many extremely failed attempts to say anything at all.  So, give it to me in German then, I said.  Maybe it’ll be close enough to something I know. 

The German word for the disease turned out to be the same as the English word…exactly the same!  We laughed long at that and learned that sometimes German works just fine.

We were old friends from the very beginning.  I love friendships that start like that.  I hope to visit her in Austria one day.  She hopes to visit me in America one day.  I am looking so very much forward to sharing a cappuccino and laughter with her again.

Angelica at a cafe in Pozzallo.

Our favorite little caffetteria in Ispica.

Yum Yum Yum.

Good friends.  Good times.  Good flavors.

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Next week’s topic?  “Portrait”.  And Lady Luck promises she has something good for us as her entry!


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