Barak Obama Wears a Kilt*

What’s the big fuss about the picture currently making big news of Obama wearing a traditional tribal outfit when he visited his father’s homeland of Kenya back in 2006?  It just happens to be a wrap around skirtlike garment and a turban.  So what?

If his white mother was from Scotland, and Barak had gone there for a visit and donned the family tartan, would we even be having this conversation?

Is the Clinton campagin behind the recent circulation of this picture?  If so, does she really think America is dumb enough to fall for her fear tactics?  Gee, there are pictures of me wearing a Mao hat I got in China.  I own a watch with a hammer and sickle on it that I bought in Russia.  I have a Che Guevara T-shirt I picked up in Cuba.  None of these things make me a communist any more than wearing a turban makes Obama a muslim extremist terrorist.

What do YOU think of his wearing this outfit and the current brouhaha?

(*Okay, he didn’t wear a kilt.)


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3 responses to “Barak Obama Wears a Kilt*

  • Pameal

    kilt or robe, nothing is wrong with the photo, and it is a mystery that Obama re-acted with anger at Hillary due to this. He does seem embarassed or ashamed and is calling it an ‘campaign tricks and an attack’ by Hillary. Hillary says she doesn’t know about it and I would believe that is true because I don’t think she would have anything to gain by this photo. Typically foreign leaders do appear in the native dress when visiting other countries. Just recently, President Bush was in Saudia Arabia and appeared in a Saudi robe in the newspapers here. It seems Obama might be hiding something that he seems to have over-reacted so strongly.

  • Lou (Linda)

    Yeah, I don’t think she’d have anything to gain either. And yes, Obama’s reaction (over-reaction) is curious. But do you think he’s really hiding something, or is it simply just wanting to try to “get Hillary”?

    Thanks for your visit to my blog and for your input on the subject!

  • Richard E.

    Not put this in but I have heard from a very good source that the government of Kenya had to tell our USA government that Obama needs to tone it down while in Kenya. Obama is a close friend of the number two rabble rouser (Commey) that controls about 10 percent of the countries adults. He has been there and sides with that movement.



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