(Not So Raucous) Caucus

This evening I did something I have never done before.  In fact, until a few weeks ago, I never even thought about doing it because I was always working.  I wasn’t even sure HOW to do it.  So I went online and found out WHERE I could do it.

Tonight I headed down to my local Republican precinct and attended the party of my political registration’s caucus.  I had literally no idea what to expect.  The online information stated that the caucus was to be held at my local elementary school.  In my mind I envisioned a bunch of other local registered republicans sitting on grandstands and debating the merits of this and that and the other candidates, and then, at the conclusion, we’d all rasie our hand vote for our candidate of choice.

That’s not EXACTLY what happened, but pretty close!  At least in part.  Each precinct gathered in assigned classrooms.  I sighed to myself and hoped that this misspelled sign was taken down off the door to the 4th grade classroom we met in before the kids showed up for school in the morning!


Our classroom was full.  We had 25 registered Republicans show up.  From what I hear from others who had done this before, this was quite a turnout.  Our meeting started with a prayer and the pledge of allegiance.  There were a number of items of business.  I volunteered to be a teller, or a vote counter.

The actual discussing the candidates part of the meeting was quite tame.  Speakers were limited to two minutes and could speak in support of or against the candidates.  We had ten people speak.  Most spoke strongly in favor of Ron Paul and Mike Huckabee.  A few spoke gently against McCain and Romney.  And then we took a written straw vote (our actual primary takes place in August).  The votes were collected in a little basket and I and the other two tellers took them outside for the count.  My precincts finals:

The results were called in on speaker phone with all of us as witnesses.

More items of business followed.  I was one of the three chosen to be county delegates for our county meeting in March.  I am excited to be part of the actual political process instead of just showing up and voting on election day.

We started at 7:00 and were done by 8:30.  I will be seeing Dale and Betty again as they are the other county delegates.  So far the whole process has been very hands on. 

I have always said that if you don’t vote, you lose your right to complain about politicians and the state of things.  I guess that I am insuring my right to complain loudly!  🙂

When I got home I decided to watch FOX News’ coverage of Super Tuesday and was both shocked and delighted to see that Mike Huckabee is having a great night!  If Romney wins, I guess I can close my eyes and plug my nose and pull the lever for him…and then go home and take a shower.  If McCain wins I’m afraid in order to get a less liberal candidate that I’ll have to vote for whoever the democratic candidate is.


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One response to “(Not So Raucous) Caucus

  • helenl

    Oh, how I’m hoping it’s McCain and lots of (R)s vote for the (D)! LOL

    🙂 LOL indeed! It’s all kinda crazy this year, isn’t it? 🙂 — Lou

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