Siesta – Photo Friday (possibly not for the faint of heart or delicate of stomach…)

I thought I needed to do something more divergent for this entry than I did for my last entry.  Siesta is the spanish word for “nap”.  So then, I thought I would post on something that incorporated “spanish” and “nap”.

And OF COURSE, the “Momias de Guanajuato” came to mind.  Isn’t that what came to YOUR mind???  😉

Some years ago I was invited to my friend Manuel’s wedding which would take place in central Mexico.  In the state of Aguascalientes, to be more specific.  Central Mexico is very unlike the border towns of Mexico that I was familiar with.  Many of the towns are reminiscent of colonial Europe.  We visited the capital city of Guanajuato as well.  The city, also named Guanajuato, is a wonderful place.  Guanajuato has no stop lights or neon signs.  The streets are winding and often narrow and cobblestoned.  There is a system of hundreds of years old underground brick and stone tunnels which snake beneath the city and help move traffic around unseen.  There are large plazas, beautiful cathedrals and theaters and parks.  Up on a hill is a massive stone figure named “el pipila” which overlooks the entire city.  (As I write and look through my scrapbook from this trip, I can see that I am going to need to post more in the future on this subject.) 

One of the things this city is famous for is its “Momias”, or mummies, including the smallest mummies in the world.  We decided we must see the place and take a gander at the curiously preservered dead. 

Weird.  Very weird.  Seems the location/soil conditions and weather where these people were buried were just perfect for the making of mummies without any preparation of the bodies.  In some cases the bodies would be mummified within just a handful of years from interment.

Here are a few of the mummies at the museum.  The pictures are not all that great as 

1) flash photography was not allowed, and 

2) these are digital photographs of 35 mm print originals.  But here they are nonetheless!

Look at the preservation of this man’s skin!

Some of the mummies were clothed, some not.  Some were just in shoes and socks.

This little one is called “la momia mas pequena del mundo”, or the world’s smallest mummy.  She and her mother both died during a C-section.

This postcard is rather irreverant, don’t you think?

So, there you have it.  Final slumber in Mexico…

Not your average siesta!

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3 responses to “Siesta – Photo Friday (possibly not for the faint of heart or delicate of stomach…)

  • Lady Luck

    Lou, these are fascinating photographs, even though a little macabre. The preservation of the bodies is amazing.

    When I was in Sicily a few years ago I visited the King Capuchin’s Catacombs in Palermo. I was surprised by the lack of smell in the place – it was not even musty. There was also a lovely spiritual calm and peace there, which made you realise that although the bodies were the remains of real people who lived and loved, watched dawn and saw sunset glow – their souls had departed and only the mortal remains were left. That was strangely reassuring.

    I also noticed that the visitorsat the Catacombs were in awe, humbled and very respectful of the remains. Although, I still have mixed feelings about this strange voyuerism we all took part in. My visit, did In fact it make me determined to never be buried since I could not ever sanction strangers in the future peering at my own decaying corpse. I concluded that cremation is the best solution – ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Let’s hope not for many years yet though!

    Thanks for a fascinating Photo Friday! 🙂

  • Lou (Linda)

    I’m with you. Cremation. But not for a very long time!

  • skywindows


    These photos are amazing. It is not often we see bodies in this state. I love the way you took the word Siesta and came up with this…


    Here’s a link to skywindows entry:

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