Lady Luck’s New Meme – Photo Friday

Lady Luck of the blog “A Curious State of Affairs” has started a new weekly photography meme that I will be joining in!  Yay!!!!  The flagship topic for this new “Photo Friday”?  HAGGLE!

Leaving Sicily through Messina this past summer, I saw this quintessencially Sicilian gentleman pushing his cart of wares down the street.  I shot this picture through the bus window just before the bus pulled onto the ferry which would take us across the straight to Italy proper.  Not a great story about haggling, but I loved the picture and the feelings evoked when I look at it.

For a good haggling story, check out an older post of mine called “Drum For Sale“!  It’s about the procurement of a gorgeous drum on a roadside in Zambia.

Click HERE to check out the other participants work!  Links to each of the participants’ entries are in the comments! 

Next week’s topic is “Tit for Tat”.  You can play, too!


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2 responses to “Lady Luck’s New Meme – Photo Friday

  • skywindows


    That cart is huge! Imagine trying to make a living every day that way, and he is not exactly young either.

    That is a great picture of Haggle.

    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog =)

  • Lady Luck

    That’s a great photo – I love taking photos of indginous people when on holiday. They always look so much more interesting than the British!

    I’m sorry my reply is late – I’ve been away all week and only just got back.

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