Perfect Day, Snowwise That Is, and Jury Duty

My day started out badly!  I set my alarm clock for work before going to sleep last night.  But I set it as though I was working at 8:00, but in actuality today was a 7:00 day.  After hitting the snooze button a few times, I rolled over and started to do the math to figure out how many more times I could hit it before I absolutely HAD to be out of bed.  It dawned on me when I looked at the clock and saw it was 6:52 that I had to be at work in EIGHT minutes!  No shower THIS morning!  I leapt out of bed, threw on scrubs, brushed my teeth, washed my face, put in earrings, fed the cat (or did I?  maybe I didn’t!), and grabbed my lunch (that I had packed the night before, thank goodness!) and I was out the door.  Only to find that I needed to scrape all my windows.  Scraped ’em and I was off to work!  I clocked in a 7:09.  And I didn’t speed!  That’s some sort of record!  But the day got better, because…….

When I got up this morning and headed out to work, the snow was lightly falling.  Big fluffly flakes falling out of motionless air.  It lightly snowed like this all day long!  There was about four inches of the powder collected in the shaded areas by the time I got home, but it didn’t stick to the roads, so driving was a pleasure in the snowy afternoon.  All day long I’d look out the windows and see the snow.  Brought me great joy!  (I wonder if I’ll ever tire of the snow…)  And I had a great day at work to top it off.  The snow has stopped now, but it’s dark out and I can’t see out my windows anyway.

And I have dutifully called in to see if I need to appear in the morning to serve jury duty.  My juror number is on “standby”, so I call in again tomorrow at 11:30 AM to find out if I need to go in later in the day.  I’d like to serve on a jury.  I’ve never done so.

The first time I was called to jury duty I was in Papua New Guinea.  My dad contacted the courts and told them such and I didn’t hear back from the courts again for YEARS!  When I got called again I actually made it as far as getting called out of the jury room and into a court room.  Only to find that the defense attorney for the case was my cousin.  A short chat with the judge later, and I was out the door and excused from the rest of my service.  The third time I was called I had to do the call the night before thing.  I cancelled a Christmas trip because I might have had to go in.  I called, and was excused from further duty that time.  (Missed a trip for nothing.)

So, this is my fourth attempt to do my civic duty, and so far it’s not looking so good for me! 

Besides, is a born-again Christian conservative nurse who loves America and the military and the police really the kind of juror attorneys are looking for????  🙂



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