Fuzzy, Opaque, Floating Globes

I’m stumped by what they are.  They have showed up in quite a number of my digital pictures.  I’ve asked around to see if anyone knows what causes them.  And I’ve started to look for them in the photos that others have taken and often find them floating about virtually unnoticeable, only now I notice them, cuz I’m looking for them!

These blobs are in pictures taken indoors and outdoors.  They are in pictures taken throughout the day (though the worst seem to be at dawn, at dusk, or in suboptimal light).  They show up whether a flash is used or not, though more so with the flash.  They are different in every picture.  They might show up in one picture and then in the very next picture when the conditions SEEM to be the same, they won’t be there.  It’s a mystery.

The worst theory I’ve heard is that they are spirits which have taken on the appearance of “orbs“. 

The best theory I’ve heard is that they are dust (or other) particles in the air reflecting light back to the camera.  BUT I get them when I don’t use a flash, and in postively non-dusty places, soooooo….  what ARE they??

Some pictures have literally hundreds of them, some only one, or two.

Do YOU get these??  Do you know what they are and how I can avoid them?

This is the worst picture I’ve taken when it comes to blobulosity:

So many blobs here that the picture looks washed out!

What do you think? 

(FYI, this picture was taken in Kansoka, Zambia, during our team banquet – summer of ’06)


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5 responses to “Fuzzy, Opaque, Floating Globes

  • Lady Luck

    It maybe worth visiting a professional camera shop for advice – and taking a copy of that photo with you. I suspect dust or damp inside the camera or lens – maybe a good service/clean would sort it?

  • Lou (Linda)

    I think I might do that. I’m sure that this won’t be the first time they’ve seen this and they’ll probably know in a second what the problem is! Thanks for the advice!!

  • Julie

    Of course, my daughter would say yes, they are orbs! She has brought this to my attention in other photos…..let’s say they are angels!

  • Rebecca

    i still think this is a great picture…blobs and all! Brings back so many memories. you leaders definitely made this night so special for us!

  • Lou (Linda)

    Yeah. That was one of my most favorite days ever. How often do you get to fight a brush fire with buckets of water when you are all dressed up, and then get to have a banquet like that!!! 🙂 What a day that was! You kids made the night special for us, believe me!

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